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  • Creating a World of Possibility - the Applications of Bionics

    Creating a World of Possibility - the Applications of Bionics

    increase the strength of a patient to beyond human levels without harming the individual would require the exoskeleton to intuitively sense the intensity with which a muscle is operating (Riso 3). While doing that, it would also have to match that intensity, and output power with the motors into the

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  • Creating Innovative Book Retail Business Through E-Commerce - a Case Study on an Evolving Indonesian Consumer

    Creating Innovative Book Retail Business Through E-Commerce - a Case Study on an Evolving Indonesian Consumer

    However, books never changed. You can still read books the same way you did ages ago. That is the good part. Reading with e-books expands the book world. That’s the beauty of the digital era. Downloading files changes everything, because a file is just a file. Any device you

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  • Creating Women's Future Now

    Creating Women's Future Now

    the development of COBOL – first programming language, and created the term ‘Bug’ for commercial computer. In present day, more women are taking the lead in STEM such as Cori Bargmann – renowned neuroscientist; Sara Seager – planetary scientist and astrophysicist who discovered more than 700 new planets; Ginni Rometty

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  • Crime as a Social Construct

    Crime as a Social Construct

    Procedures: The objectives of the research are going to be the main focus of study and will be achieved through detailed analysis to drive the research towards the desired answers of the research questions. The use of typology method would be considered as the basis of study by the

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  • Criminal Attempt

    Criminal Attempt

    2. In this case, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit said: “It has long been accepted that one cannot support a claim of self-defense by a self-generated necessity to kill.” What is the logic behind this principle? Do you agree with it? Explain? The logic behind

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  • Criminal Justice - Imprisonment

    Criminal Justice - Imprisonment

    So to what extent do prisons ‘work’ to reduce crime, deter offenders and punish and rehabilitate offenders? Research carried out by the Prison Reform Trust (2013) shows that ‘Prison has a poor record for reducing reoffending – 47% of adults are reconvicted within one year of release.’. This suggests

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  • Criminal Justice and Social Work

    Criminal Justice and Social Work

    I found this a little shocking seven percent of the inmates who enter jail or prison on yearly bases have a serious or persistent mental illness. They have closed all he mental hospitals around us saying it cost too much to keep them running, but this leads to arguments

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  • Criminological Theories in "empire"

    Criminological Theories in "empire"

    exclude the politics of such by setting their own set of rules and regulations. The lack the desire, and some might say the ability, to conform to or abide by the rules set in place by the existing powers that be. These tendencies are more easily understood when you view

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  • Criminology Theories and Policies

    Criminology Theories and Policies

    Donald R. Cressey, (1954) explains differential association theory as, “the hypothesis is that criminality is learned from observations of definitions favorable to law violation, the learning including both the techniques of committing crime and the "specific direction of motives, drives, rationalizations and attitudes." The ratio between such definitions and

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  • Crisis Interventions: Aguilera’s (1998) Crisis Theory

    Crisis Interventions: Aguilera’s (1998) Crisis Theory

    The nurse needs to establish a soothing, comfortable environment to build a supportive, therapeutic relationship based on trust (Woolley, 1990). Timing is essential when providing counseling, and assessing the client's emotional state is essential, thus influencing her willingness to talk about her concerns (Michalopoulos & Michalopoulos, 2009). Reducing initial

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  • Crisis Management

    Crisis Management

    The analysis above is mainly from the realist perspective. Besides, political culture will also have an effect on President Duterte’s words and actions, and then influence the tension situation. The study of Filipino political culture is helpful of understanding the operations of its domestic politics. Filipino political culture (a)

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  • Crisis Management Concept & Theory

    Crisis Management Concept & Theory

    is interchangeable with disaster recovery plan. Business continuity also addresses a more comprehensive planning which focuses on long term or chronic challenges to organizational success. These problems may include supply chain breakdowns, illness or departure of key team member, critical malware infection or catastrophic failure. Contingency Planning Contingency planning is

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  • Crisis of the End of the Semester

    Crisis of the End of the Semester

    Crisis of the End of the Semester ========== 1. Crisis of the end of the semester. 1. Crisis 1.Medical Definition 2. Mental Breakdown B. End of the semester 1. Students situation a. Clothes backwards b. Final Papers c. Mental Breakdowns d. Procrastinating e. Dates and Deadlines 2. Teachers situation a.

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  • Critical and Creative Thinking

    Critical and Creative Thinking

    Creative and critical thinking skills helps to fosters teamwork among students involved in structured discussion groups. This is brought about by that fact that the diversity of a group of students working together on a common front is a strength that brings forth everyone’s contribution. Group discussions are usually

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  • Critical Perspective on Prison Privatization

    Critical Perspective on Prison Privatization

    occupancy of these prisons falls below the set rate, the state is required to reimburse the CCA using its own tax dollars. This aforementioned practice presents a predicament for society. The notion of guaranteed occupancy rates presents a troubling conflict of interest within the justice system. In this sense the

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  • Critical Theory

    Critical Theory

    The second issues that came up was how the inmates were treated within the PHW program. The counselors within this program felt as if they needed to break down the inmates in order for them to create a more suitable individual. The problem was these counselors didn’t have the

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  • Critically Analyse Insider Trading Using Kant’s Universal

    Critically Analyse Insider Trading Using Kant’s Universal

    this is a perfectly adequate and normal way to act. Kant believed that “morality needed to be based on duty and obligation, not on feelings or inclinations.” (UNISA:250) Moral rules could be known through reason and not just by observation. Actions performed to please people or to gain advantages for

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  • Critically Assess the Argument That Sociological Explanations of Violence Are More Convincing Than Those That Highlight Biological or Psychological Factors

    Critically Assess the Argument That Sociological Explanations of Violence Are More Convincing Than Those That Highlight Biological or Psychological Factors

    delinquent behaviour). The role of the father plays an important role in the child’s life. If the father is missing, the child will resort to violence as a way of filling the void in which the father is meant to have been in. (Cobb and Tekin, 2011) Drugs can be

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  • Critically Evaluate the Extent to Which the “fair Dealing” Defences to Copyright Infringement Contained in the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 Respect the Right to Freedom of Expression.

    Critically Evaluate the Extent to Which the “fair Dealing” Defences to Copyright Infringement Contained in the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 Respect the Right to Freedom of Expression.

    events defence respects freedom of expression, it is clear in some circumstances it does such as with photographs, whereas in others such as the meaning of current events, a restrictive approach has been adopted which can be detrimental to journalists. However, in rare cases where fair dealings will not adequately

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  • Crj 303 - Corrections

    Crj 303 - Corrections

    Within prison walls as well as community corrections individuals still have rights. These rights are upheld by the constitution. Although these rights can be altered to maintain the safety and security of a facility they must still remain in guide lines of policy and be supported by the constitution.

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  • Cross-Cultural Communication Investigation: Mexico

    Cross-Cultural Communication Investigation: Mexico

    Collectivism: societies in which people from birth onwards are integrated into strong, cohesive in-groups, often extended families (with uncles, aunts and grandparents) which continue protecting them in exchange for unquestioning loyalty (FLGconsulting, 2011). Mexico is a collectivism country, as such they tend to have a great group formation and

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  • Crowds and Politics

    Crowds and Politics

    it’s individuals. These emotions, passions and feelings can be called “affects” to the extent that individuals of the crowds produce, transmit, circulate, and receive them socially through physical contact or through various media. The movement of affects through this socioeconomic scale of production and distribution is interactive. These particular affects

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  • Crtic Review of Social Media

    Crtic Review of Social Media

    media that will create negative brand image. Author use two major independent variables in research, both are very important. One is company created communication and second is user generated communication so both will be very important for creating the brand image and that will leads towards the purchase intention. Customer

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  • Csr Project

    Csr Project

    [pic 2] Figure 2 The Bullitt Center, Seattle The main objective of doing this corporate social responsibility is to safe our planet. We can enhance and protect biodiversity and ecosystems. Other than that, by applying green building, we can improve air and water quality. Green building also can reduce

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  • Csr Starbuck in Indonesia

    Csr Starbuck in Indonesia

    Social Responsibility: Measures evaluated by third-party verifiers help protect the rights of workers and ensure safe, fair and humane working and living conditions. Compliance with minimum-wage requirements and prohibition of child and forced labor is mandatory. Environmental Leadership: Measures evaluated by third-party verifiers help manage waste, protect water quality,

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  • Cultural Autobiography

    Cultural Autobiography

    I grew up in the Catholic faith when I was born and once we moved to Wichita we attended our lady Guadalupe Church. Although my family attended the services every Sunday, I never understood wholeheartedly the sermons and never absorbed the teachings. Inside I didn't really understand my religion

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  • Cultural Differences in Russia

    Cultural Differences in Russia

    Most Russian families own dachas which are seasonal second homes located in the exurbs of Russian cities. They were initially intended only as recreation getaways of city dwellers and for the purpose of growing small gardens for food. Today they are used for fishing, hunting, and other leisure activities.

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  • Cultural Relevance Video Analysis

    Cultural Relevance Video Analysis

    Equity strategies The teacher should offer instructions to the students in a manner geared to oversee the excellence of the students. The instructions should be clear and to the point for the excellence of the class. The instruction should be reasonable making them relevant for the existing problem. In

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  • Culture and Heritage Tourism

    Culture and Heritage Tourism

    Positive Impacts of Tourism There are a number of positive impacts that emerge from tourism of this heritage site, including social, environmental and economic benefits to the country. The increase in visitor traffic over the years has encouraged conservation of the natural, cultural and historical resources, including preservation of

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  • Culture Shock

    Culture Shock

    Yes, people definitely experience the reverse culture shock when they return to their home country. That is because they spend so much time in the host country that their way of living has become like a host country. And when they return to their home country, even though they

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