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Criminal Justice

  • Capital Punishment

    Capital Punishment

    Pena Capital ========== CAPITAL PUNISHMENT Arguments for the existence of the death penalty. In favor of the death penalty is often argued well that is just and moral (ethical argument ) penalty or punishment that is effective in preventing crime ( utilitarian argument ) or the religious argument or authority

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  • Forensic Trace Evidence

    Forensic Trace Evidence

    Forensic trace evidence ========== Fabio Duarte Colombo Student ID: 18279940 Forensic Trace Evidence The study of the crime evidence plays a crucial part in investigations of crimes. Countries that have professionally trained crime investigators and advanced laboratories for crime evidence study tend to have a more effective criminal justice system,

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  • Human Rights

    Human Rights

    Human Rights ========== THE NEED OF HUMAN RIGHTS Good evening, classmates and teacher. Today I’m here to talk about not just one human right, but of the need of the existence of all human rights. It is well known on the present day of their existence, but many people out

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  • International Law

    International Law

    International law ========== The rotten plants case A Dutch company purchased plants from a French company in March 2014. After delivery of the goods the buyer paid only part of the price. Seller brought an action claiming not only payment of the outstanding amount of the price but also the

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  • M5 What Does Money Have to Do with It

    M5 What Does Money Have to Do with It

    • Discuss and debate which side of the issue you most favor regarding judges being presented with potential sentencing costs before they render a sentence. After assessing the relevance of the matter my stand is clear and I do not think judges should be presented with potential sentencing costs before

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  • Process of Courts in Colombia

    Process of Courts in Colombia

    PROCESS OF COURTS IN COLOMBIA . The Constitutional Court was created by the current Constitution, in force since July 7, 1991. The Court is an agency of the judicial branch of government and is entrusted with safeguarding the integrity and supremacy of the Constitution. Its functions described in Article

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  • Roper Vs Simmons

    Roper Vs Simmons

    ROPER v. simmons Roper v. Simmons Ivan Nunez Southeastern University ________________ Roper v. Simmons The case of Roper v. Simmons can be viewed as a perfect example of how the role of the Supreme Court continues to evolve and how the sources that are often used in the deciding of

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  • The Importance of Corporations in the World

    The Importance of Corporations in the World

    CORPORATIONS THE IMPORTANCE OF CORPORATIONS IN THE WORLD DIANELYS BIARRETA MBA502 ETHICS IN BUSINESS PROF. LUIS VIDAL February 02, 2018 Pharmaceutical Industry Many people of authority see the interaction between the healthcare industry and pharmaceutical companies as either good or evil. Rarely is anything in life is black and white,

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  • Tupac Amaru

    Tupac Amaru

    All around the world and since many years ago, revolutionary movements had existed to fight for their rights and equality. In Peru, one of the most dangerous terrorist organizations was the Tupac Amaru revolutionary movement(MRTA). Its members were the protagonists of the japanese embassy hostage crisis which began on

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  • “capital Punishment Is as Fundamentally Wrong as a Cure for Crime as Charity Is Wrong as a Cure for Poverty”

    “capital Punishment Is as Fundamentally Wrong as a Cure for Crime as Charity Is Wrong as a Cure for Poverty”

    “Capital punishment is as fundamentally wrong as a cure for crime as charity is wrong as a cure for poverty” - Henry Ford. Over one hundred countries have abolished capital punishment (also known as the death penalty) leaving another fifty three countries that have not yet put an end to

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  • corruption in Mexico

    corruption in Mexico

    The chairs ========== CORRUPTION IN MEXICO By VICTOR HUGO CASTILO PEREZ 8 “E” Abstract : The corruption is a very controversial subject, this one gets to see in all scenes of the Mexican life.From the liters of 900 ml that are dispatched in many petrol stations, to the release of

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