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Human Rights

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Human Rights



Good evening, classmates and teacher. Today I’m here to talk about not just one human right, but of the need of the existence of all human rights. It is well known on the present day of their existence, but many people out there are still not aware of them, or are not able to defend their own human rights by themselves.

Across human history, we have encountered many events in which people have degraded other people, taking as an excuse, their differences in culture, ideals, or physical appearance. And I’m not only talking about either World Wars, or colonization from the strong countries to the weaker ones. I’m talking since the beginning of history.

Medieval period; and since many, many years before, slavery was the way in which the world developed. But slavery was not the only attack to human rights. The Catholic Church used to mute scientific advances, or evolution of philosophical ideas and theories. Not to mention that law on those times was something even actual Mexican law could laugh about.

Human rights began as a definite alternative to stop this chain of unfair events across human history, to sop violations to human dignity, and in my opinions, to kind of show to every human being, that all human beings are the same by any means.

The very need of the human rights can be understood on the second article of the universal declaration of the human rights. “Everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration, without distinction of any kind”.

There’s been people all over history that have intended to define human rights. Around the year 539 BC, Cyrus the Great created the Cyrus Cylinder, which is said to be the first representation of human rights. The Cyrus Cylinder’s text refers apart of Cyrus the Great’s genealogy, to the restoration of sanctuaries and repatriation of the Jewish people.

So, we may say that the essence of harmony in human civilization has existed since a long time ago. But it has not been possible because maybe of human evolution, but not physical evolution, but, more like a civilization kind of evolution.

On the present day, we are nearer to a peaceful existence, but the need of a declaration of human rights is still strong. Stronger countries still enslave weaker countries, in many ways, such as ideological or economical ways. The only difference is that we now call it Capitalism.

To end I will show you the next idea, and I want you to please take a moment to think about it. “Survival of the fittest” has become the argument in which humanity has been growing to what we now are. But if the “fittest”, keep surviving, and the not fit die, how can we call ourselves humans, and not animals, if the supposed difference between this is the ability of


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