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Gun Rights in America

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In spite of these findings, some still argue that guns are the most effective killing weapon, and therefore should be banned. The Chicago Tribune argues for repeal of the Second Amendment, arguing that 68% of murders committed in 2006 were committed with a firearm ("Perhaps the 2nd Amendment Should Be Repealed," N.p.DB - SIRS Issues Researcher). This statistic is true, and it is easy to understand. The most efficient killing weapon is a gun. However, other countries have tried gun bans. Australia is an example. Despite their 1996 ban on guns, the rate of homicides has not changed. Instead, people now use other weapons to kill their fellow man. This can be seen by data which clearly indicates that the rate of homicides in Australia has not changed significantly following the institution of strict gun laws (Australian Institute of Criminology, "Homicide Statistics"). Although the number of homicides committed with guns has decreased, the law has failed to produce the intended effect of reducing overall homicide rates.

As shown above, the majority of mass shootings occur in gun-free zones, where no one will shoot back. In addition, the presence of a weapon often foils in-progress crimes. Finally, an increase in gun ownership results in an overall decrease in violent crime rates. If we are, as a nation, to solve the problem of violent crime in America, it will not be done by disarming law abiding citizens. Instead, it will be done by allowing citizens to defend themselves most effectively. There is an old saying that, “God made men; Samuel Colt made them equal.” It’s meaning is simple: citizens who are unable to defend themselves are subject to the will of those more powerful when neither the attacker nor the intended victim are armed. However, when in possession of a gun, even the weakest civilian can defend him or herself against the strongest brute.


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