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Human Resources Management

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of a company. It is their job not only to learn, but to create and teach those under its wing how to survive as well as deal with the daily challenges within their company; as well as how disciplining, nurturing individuals to a point of growth and maturity, helps their ability to function within their position more efficiently, and effectively (Just do it: HR professionals, 2013).

Having a place at the table takes Human Resources from being a set of hands for management, to being part of the management brain and function. More often than not, Human Resources have been viewed as an outside entity rather than part of the organization. If Human Resources gained the recognition that department should be given, would help with the daily operations, budgeting, and functions within the departments and the future expansion and growth of the company. Human Resources already plays a daily role in all departments, and employee functions, taking away any restrictions that may hold them back will only help improve the company. Every department has a specific function which contributes to overall operations of the company, and Human Resources has the role of knowing what makes all of the departments run smoothly much like a well oiled machine. (Reach New Heights, 2013)


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