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Last update: January 16, 2019
  • Advanced Forms of Risk Management and Proactive Planning

    Advanced Forms of Risk Management and Proactive Planning

    The risk factor for each risk is calculated using the following formula, where P = the likelihood of the event and C = the average of the consequence ratings (cost, schedule and performance) for the designated risk: Risk Factor (RF) = P+C – (P*C) Risk Factor Rating Table for RCMD ERP Project Consequence Ratings Risk Likelihood Rating Cost Schedule Performance Average Risk Factor Rating Technical The vendor’s software is not capable of accommodating 85%

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    Submitted: August 30, 2017 Autor: Adnan
  • Risk Management Case

    Risk Management Case

    Technology risks arise from hardware and software technologies that are used in the system being developed. Process risks are as a result of some technology process and whether the members of an organization can actually follow the process. Tools risks, on the other hand, are similar to technology risks. They relate to the availability, reliability and use of technology tools by the development team such as Computer-Aided Software engineering (CASE) and development environments. Managerial

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    Submitted: September 9, 2017 Autor: Joshua
  • Formulas Risk Management

    Formulas Risk Management

    [pic 80] Capital required [pic 81] Corporate, Sovereign, and Bank exposures [pic 82] Capital required EAD*LDG*(WCDR-PD) * MA [pic 83] b = [0.11852 – 0.05478 * ln(PD)] 2 M: Maturity of exposure RWA = 12.5 * EAD * LGD * (WCDR – PD) * MA Retail exposures Capital required = EAD * LGD * (WCDR – PD) Residential mortgages: ρ = 0.15 Revolving retail exposures: ρ = 0.04 Other retail exposures: ρ = 0.03+0.13e-35*PD

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    Submitted: October 4, 2017 Autor: goude2017
  • Honduras Economic - Foreign Exchange Risk Management

    Honduras Economic - Foreign Exchange Risk Management

    higher revenue due to a weak dollar in the years before. To this day Walmart still does not perform any type of hedging. Siemens: Siemens implemented and coordinated a set of risk management and control systems, which support us in the early recognition of developments jeopardizing the continuity of their business. The most important of these systems include their enterprise-wide processes for strategic planning and management reporting. Risk management at Siemens is based on a

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    Submitted: November 11, 2017 Autor: Sara17
  • Information Systems Risk Management

    Information Systems Risk Management

    One last area that should be addressed in any corporation is the Internet usage and what sites that are visited. Filtering content in HTTP and e-mail communications at the network perimeter is the best way to check for and block sensitive information from going out to such sites (Beaver, 2015). Keep in mind that even though a company utilizes the most secure software, there is always that chance that company information may escape out

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    Submitted: November 23, 2017 Autor: goude2017
  • Risk Management for M & A

    Risk Management for M & A

    Designing, Budgeting and feasibility analysis for Detailed Project Report. Coordination with cross function teams for construction & material costs estimation Analysing & Preparing compliance reports on feedback received from regulatory authorities Material Procurement worth `8.5 crores during FY 12-13/13-14 Rated ‘Top Performer’ for the year 2012-13 Commissioned 4 construction equipment worth `57 lakhs at project site Redesigned the storage bay and operation for gates that reduced the project cost by 2 crores Received Letter

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    Submitted: December 17, 2017 Autor: Rachel
  • Risk Management of Salim Silver

    Risk Management of Salim Silver

    tatahan, karena proses ini hanya mengandalkan contoh produk ataupun desain produk. Teknik campuran adalah teknik yang menggabungkan anatara teknik tatahan dan juga teknik filigri, teknik inilah yang digunakan Salim Silver, agar produk yang dihasilkan tidak dapat ditiru. Setelah melewati proses pencetakan, selanjutnya akan memasuki proses setting dan proses poles. Dibagian ini produk akan dibakar dan juga diberi warna. Bahan baku yang dibutuhkan untuk produksi disediakan sesuai dengan kebutuhan, sehingga tidak ada bahan yang tersisa. Dalam

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    Submitted: January 23, 2018 Autor: Adnan
  • Insurance as a Risk Management Tool

    Insurance as a Risk Management Tool

    Insurance is mainly used to deal with pure risks. For example, some companies produce their products in factory. Under the consideration of security, companies should buy insurance for facilities, plants, and of course workers. Once there is an accident, the company can get compensation to reduce their losses into a lower level. For workers, they can have compensation, too. If they are injured but can’t get anything back. Then no one wants to work

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    Submitted: February 14, 2018 Autor: Tim
  • Enterprise Risk Management - Dell Computer

    Enterprise Risk Management - Dell Computer

    Dengan adanya banyak kompetitor yang mengeluarkan produk baru dalam waktu singkat maka bukan hal yang mudah bagi Dell Komputer untuk bertahan jika tidak berinovasi dan mengikuti perkembangan teknologi yang ada. Maka dari itu nilai teknologi baru dijadikan sebagai prioritas isu dalam stake holder analisis. 2. SWOT Strength - Dell tidak mempunyai wholesale dan retailer sehingga mereka memangkas jalur distribusi, dan melakukan penjualan langsung ke customer melalui media online - Dell lebih mengenal konsumen mereka,

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    Submitted: February 19, 2018 Autor: Adnan
  • Enterprise Risk Management - Final Case Study

    Enterprise Risk Management - Final Case Study

    Specific to our risk financing goals liquidity is required to pay retained losses, and can come from several sources. Retention and liquidity are directly correlated→ as retention increases so does the need for liquidity. The ability for that liquidity to be available to address a risk event can come from 2 essential places. 1- Internal, 2- External. - Internally – Retained cash flow, balance sheet strength, worst cast →sell assets. Losses due to risk

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    Submitted: March 1, 2018 Autor: Jannisthomas
  • Malaysia Airlines System Berhad - Risk Management

    Malaysia Airlines System Berhad - Risk Management

    Was the response effective? It’s devastating to say this, but Malaysia Airlines response wasn’t effective in many ways. As an organization they fail to have a proper management system. In the process of looking for MH370, Malaysia Airline was so focused on getting an answer that they forgot what they informing the public. They gave statements without solid evidence, and kept changing their information. It was a one way communication with Malaysia Airlines, they

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    Submitted: April 4, 2018 Autor: Mikki
  • Ericsson’s Supply Chain Risk Management

    Ericsson’s Supply Chain Risk Management

    The third part of Ericsson’s risk management process is handling risk, involving the development of risk aversion strategies and the decision to implement them. This process takes a linear responsibility system, and the responsibility for risk management is consistent with the product line (Andreas and Carl, 2012). Whoever implements the risk aversion strategy depends on where the risk is located. Ericsson firstly set up a risk management responsibility statement to decide whether the risk

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    Submitted: October 11, 2018 Autor: Adnan
  • Security and Risk Management

    Security and Risk Management

    Candidates may have questionable gaps in their employment history for many reasons. Such reasons include maternity leave, pursuing personal businesses, education or incarceration (Nixon & Kerr, 2008). Candidates may make efforts to cover up these gaps by lying about their previous jobs. Others are also likely falsifying titles to woe for higher pay. Conducting employment verification is important in providing valuable background information about the candidate’s working habits, integrity, and attitude. The economy is

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    Submitted: October 16, 2018 Autor: Maryam
  • China Construction Bank Risk Management Report

    China Construction Bank Risk Management Report

    Buser’s and Peter’s finding showed that participants performed the best in Treatment Single and no gender differences in all treatment (Buser and Peter 641). More specifically, female performed slightly worse than male if forced to multitask while work better if choose their own schedule, but these differences are insignificant with the p value of 0.62 and 0.53 respectively (Buser and Peter 650). The only gender difference, as Buser and Peter suggested, is the male

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    Submitted: December 22, 2018 Autor: Rachel
  • Project Risk and Quality Management

    Project Risk and Quality Management

    SECTION: 24234 TIME: Monday 7:10-9:50 PM PLACE: BP 7 OFFICE HOURS/Phone: Office hours are only by appointment. EMAIL: MyMCC via Canvas or WEBSITE: Material: Access CANVAS at COURSE DESCRIPTION: Risk management and quality management in a project environment. Key Risk concepts covered include risk identification, risk aversion, risk analysis and risk response planning on projects. Key Quality concepts covered are quality management including quality planning, quality assurance and quality control and

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  • Essay on the Principles for the Management of Credit Risk

    Essay on the Principles for the Management of Credit Risk

    ESSAY ON THE PRINCIPLES FOR THE MANAGEMENT OF CREDIT RISK Faculty of financial engineering Bogotá 2017 ________________ PRINCIPLES FOR THE MANAGEMENT OF CREDIT RISK: The credit risk, according to the author, is defined as the ability of a borrower's bank or a counterparty fails to meet its obligations in accordance with the agreed terms. The objective of the credit risk management is to maximize the adjusted rate through the maintenance of the risk exposure within

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  • Take Care of Some Corporate Government Risks.

    Take Care of Some Corporate Government Risks.

    After this story of RBS, there are some lessons to be learnt and important recommendations made for when investing in banks. The board is one of the most important parts of a bank. It is an intermediary between the shareholders of the bank and its top management team (Thomsen & Conyon, 2012). The board of RBS is a one-tier system where the supervisory and management are working together in the board. Having a two-tier

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    Submitted: August 15, 2017 Autor: Rachel
  • Managing Strategic Risk

    Managing Strategic Risk

    Managing Strategic Risk ========== CHAPTER 13 Managing Strategic Risk In the previous chapter we identified various types of risk, their linkage with business strategy, and the pressure points that aggravate exposure to risk or increase the possibility of loss. In this chapter, we discuss how managers can proactively manage these risks as they work to achieve profit goals and strategies. Much of the risk that we have described is created by management's use of aggressive

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  • Managing a Company’s Legal Risks Related to Corruption in International Business

    Managing a Company’s Legal Risks Related to Corruption in International Business

    The commonalities and differences of the anti-corruption laws in the U.S. and China Comparing the anti-corruption laws between America and China, I find some commonalities and differences of the relevant laws in these two countries. First of all, the penalty of avoiding anti-corruption laws in both countries includes anti-corruption fines and fixed-term imprisonment. However, the penalties for violating anticorruption laws in America are primarily financial and the fines are relatively higher than the anti-corruption

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  • Identify the Commodity Risk That Rio Tinto Group Is Exposed to and How the Group Is Managing That Risk

    Identify the Commodity Risk That Rio Tinto Group Is Exposed to and How the Group Is Managing That Risk

    As mentioned above, both natural hedge and financial hedge has drawbacks to a certain extent. On this basis, operational hedge can be considered as an alternative strategy for RTG to improve the future risk management. This essay provides two specific operational hedge methods. Firstly, for many firms, storage is a way of managing risk (CPA Australia 2012). In times when increased production of metals leads to reduce selling price, RTG may store some produces

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    Submitted: May 23, 2018 Autor: Tim
  • Describe the Non-Shareholder Ways in Which Company Management Is Controlled and Governed

    Describe the Non-Shareholder Ways in Which Company Management Is Controlled and Governed

    When Maxwell started to get into financial difficulties he started moving funds from the pension fund into his privately owned companies. This pattern of plundering the pension fund became common practice. Lastly, his media empire finally collapsed when it was discovered that 450 million had been stolen from the employee’s pension fund. B) The Enron case CEO Jeffrey Skilling had a way of hiding the financial losses of the trading business and other operations

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    Submitted: November 13, 2018 Autor: Sharon
  • Project Management and Financial Markets

    Project Management and Financial Markets

    Angel Lucena Albala Erasmus´s students Siedlce FINANCIAL MARKETS Corporate finance is an area of finance that focuses on how companies can create value and keep it through the efficient use of financial resources. the purpose of finance is to maximize value for shareholders or owners. finances are strongly related to two other disciplines : economics and accounting. * The 4 most important decisions of corporate finance 1. The determination to invest. Deepen the study of

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  • Global Supply Chain Management

    Global Supply Chain Management

    24th February, 2017 Article’s Summary The aim of the article reviewed in this paper is to emphasize how practices for Brazilian automotive industries in the management of their supply chain, which emerged in the automotive environment, as major contributions and developments in manufacturing and quality systems and which were subsequently extended to other business lines. Today, the biggest challenge for automotive vehicle manufacturers has been to adapt and successfully manage their supply chain, this

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  • Human Resources Management

    Human Resources Management

    of a company. It is their job not only to learn, but to create and teach those under its wing how to survive as well as deal with the daily challenges within their company; as well as how disciplining, nurturing individuals to a point of growth and maturity, helps their ability to function within their position more efficiently, and effectively (Just do it: HR professionals, 2013). Having a place at the table takes Human Resources

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    Submitted: June 30, 2017 Autor: Sharon
  • Strategic Management

    Strategic Management

    Strategic management ========== Eduardo de Nubila Summary After explaining its framework about the industry underlying five forces that shape competition and determine profitability, Porter highlights the factors that may influence industry dynamics as well. There are several factors that must no be confused with the industry underlying structural forces, such as the government, technology or complementary products or services. Complementary products are ones that enhance the overall value of a final product when combined with

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