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Project Risk and Quality Management

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SECTION: 24234 TIME: Monday 7:10-9:50 PM PLACE: BP 7

OFFICE HOURS/Phone: Office hours are only by appointment.

EMAIL: MyMCC via Canvas or


Material: Access CANVAS at

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Risk management and quality management in a project environment. Key Risk concepts covered include risk identification, risk aversion, risk analysis and risk response planning on projects. Key Quality concepts covered are quality management including quality planning, quality assurance and quality control and quality systems and their applicability to project management.

TEXTBOOK: PMP Project Management Pro Exam 7th Edition Kim Heldman.

PMBOK® Guide 5th Edition Project Management Institute, Inc.

SUPPLEMENTARY MATERIAL: Presentation materials will be handed out as required.

PREREQUISITES: TQM 240 or instructor approval.


This course will provide an overview of the Risk and Quality Management knowledge areas of the PMBOK®. Students will produce and demonstrate complete Risk and Quality Management Plans. The course will then explore more advance concepts based on project management case studies to fully master these 2 knowledge areas.


1. Identify internal and external risk factors that can impact project performance.

2. Contrast Business risk versus insurable risk and cite examples.

3. Develop a sample risk management plan

4. Evaluate risk versus uncertainty, and quantify a risk based on expected monetary value calculations.

5. Perform simple decision tree problems

6. Identify various risk models and their applicability to project management.

7. Perform a simple Monte Carlo Simulation problem.

8. List and define risk response planning techniques.

9. Describe risk warranties, guarantees, insurance and contracts.

10. List and define risk monitoring and control techniques.

11. Cite various Risk Software Applications.

12. Describe the basic tenets of quality theory developed by Deming, Juran and Crosby.

13. Describe the main elements of quality management.

14. List the components of a Quality Management Plan.

15. Describe the uses of acceptance sampling.

16. Contrast assignable versus random variations.

17. Apply Pareto’s rule and Pareto Diagrams.

18. Develop a control chart for a given problem.

19. Evaluate the uses of Statistical Process Control in a project environment including 6 sigma concepts.

20. List key components of a successful quality process improvement program.

21. Describe basic tenets of selected modern quality standards.

22. Cite various quality management applications.

23. Describe key industry trends pertaining to the future of quality.


ATTENDANCE: Attendance is mandatory. It along with class participation accounts for 33% of your grade (See Grading). It is the student's responsibility to consult with the instructor regarding absences. District policy allows and instructor to withdraw students who have accumulated 3 consecutive absences. However, official withdrawal is the student’s responsibility. Tardiness will be tolerated. If you are late just minimize the distraction to the lecture.

STUDENTS WITH DISABILITIES: All students who require accommodations because of disabilities, including learning disabilities, please identify your self via the expectations exercise or provide an Instructor Notification form from Student Special Services office.

TAPING OF LECTURES: I will allow taping of my lectures, if a student has a disability and makes a formal request. The request must be made in the first week of class.

PROJECTS: Students will be completing (2) projects which account for 50% of their grade. (See Grading) The Students are encouraged to compile a Project Management plan based on the same subject/project in Mgt 242, 243 and 245. If this is the student’s first class in the series then the student may select any past or active project subject or create one that is relevant to them. We have 3 case studies to choice from if the student lacks the experience to develop a topic or if necessary the student may elaborate on their TQM 240 project. Please see me on your options. The first project will be a risk management plan and the second will be a quality management plan.

QUIZZES: A group quiz will act as a review of the salient content and is part of your class participation.

STUDY GROUPS: Forming a study group of 2-3 people is highly recommended for solving, discussing, or reviewing homework.

COURSE WITHDRAWAL: See MCC catalog for the last day for student initiated withdrawals. It is your responsibility to pursue a course of action in order to drop the course if necessary. Students will be charged tuition and fees when dropped from classes after the 100% refund period (whether through the purge process for non-payment or instructor removal for failure to attend).

GRADING: Your grade will be based on


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