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How Total Quality Management Is Implemented?

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"Quality" is the thing which is very essential in our modern day life. In the present day world there is requirement of high excellence in everything. The key role in any organization to get success is "Quality Management". The major record of this report is the projection of the evolution of Total Quality Management (TQM) and looking for the elements that are within this improvement tool.

What is Total Quality Management?

The concepts which were developed in the late 1940's and 1950's in Japan, pioneered there by Americans Feigenbum, Juran and Deming laid the foundations of TQM. The evolution of TQM has been taken in few stages such as Assurance, Control, Inspection, and now it is Total Quality Management.

To be successful projecting TQM, an organization must put keen concentration on the eight key elements. They are as follows,


It is crucial to realize that there are two different kinds of morals. These are categorized as Organization morals and client morals. The standard for quality is situated by the organization so as the standard for endorsement by the client. TQM empowers individual to utilize their morals in understanding and implementing out what is correct and reasonable in the association between the organization and the client.

Organizational Integration:

Integration has been defined as the quality of the state of collaboration among the departments to achieve unity of effort demanded. For total quality to be effectively initiated at its core project teams should be made up from production staff all the way to accounting staff. In order to make integration work, measuring and feed backing channels are to be perfect in functioning of an organization.

Customer focused:

A basic part of TQM is a focus on thinking process. A process is a series of steps that take inputs from suppliers (internal or external) and transforms them into outputs that are delivered to customers. The steps which are essential for carrying the process are defined and measuring of performances are continuously cross checked in order to detect unexpected variation.


Employees do not decide on how they are to be engaged in organization, but when implementing change to management styles you cannot except that all employees pick it up and accept it because management sees the need to make the change. On-going education and training of all employees supports the drive for quality. It is imperative that management should keep employees in the consideration at all times when they are making the decisions regarding TQM. It should encourage them in participation and help ease transition.


All employees participate in working toward common goals. Team commitment can only be obtained after fear has been taken out in the working place, when the management has provided proper environment. These working systems initiate higher performance with the normal operations of business. Self-managed work teams form one of the empowerment.


True leaders can get people to willingly follow them and attracts, as they are opposed to managing by dictation. Especially as it applies to TQM, the leader must fully observe and be a initiative to react to the environment. The leader should have proper thinking when researching the market in which they are to compete. This include in having a strategy that is flexible. In similar to the game of chess, a leader should react to moves of their opponent accordingly.


It should be the basic ideology of management to give acknowledgement to an employee for his outstanding performance. In order to ensure satisfy the employee mentally, the TQM organizations have established programs for recognizing and rewarding efforts and accomplishments of their personnel. These programs, constituting employee achievements in the form of money or gifts, revolve around the psychological concept that human behavior is driven by motivation.


Now a day’s communication has become the important aspect in an organization.TQM has given the top chair to this one. The organization has to deal with the conditions globally and for this communication emerges as the key objective. Many organizations can take a grip on their customers by having good tackling skills. So employees should concentrate on necessary skills regarding this.


On the whole, we can say that Total Quality Management which is practiced by many business organizations around the world has a unique importance in today’s world. It is the method which is proven, for implementing a quality significant culture across all the internal and external layers of the company. Even though TQM has many benefits, we cannot include them for small scale organizations, as the cost for implementing TQM will be more than their profits in amount of time.


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