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A Total Quality Business Model

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To improve the Rob and Diane business plan, the top management itself showed a good leadership behaviour in administer the organization. This is because, the top management act as a role model towards the employees. Rob and Diane should came up with the training for the top management not only for managers and employees. Which means, the top management also taking part in the business activities along with the employees. Furthermore, monitoring progress in achieving goals, not to apportion blame, but to aim for improvement. Whenever the problems arise within the organization, the top management must act efficiently to solve the problem and never put the blame on others. They can came up with a new strategies and have a discussion with the employees.

In process-level, it link with the external and internal customer requirement by middle management. In this case study, it refer to the middle management which is regional managers. They deals with the facilities, equipment and process that put in place by the top management. Middle managers will interpret plans and set action or in other words, they carry out the tasks assigned by the top management. Middle managers usually need information from above to know what the strategy is and information from below to track progress and current conditions. Middle managers spend their time determining specific tactics for reaching organizational objectives set by top management. These can be seen from Rob and Diane leadership and strategic planning where managers are responsible for ensuring all employee focus on the goals through daily meetings.

To improve Rob and Diane business plan from the process-level, middle managers have to work with both top-level management and performer/job level. The middle managers must know what exactly the top management wants and translate the objectives of the top management to the employees. For instance, the middle managers can motivated the involvement of the employees in the business activity such as giving an idea for improvement of services. This is because employees is mostly the one who deals with the customer so, they have more knowledge on what customers likes and dislikes. Furthermore, diagnose and solving problems within and among workgroups. Which means, the managers plays a very important roles when an issue was arise without involving the top management. Rob and Diane can save time if the issue can be resolved by the managers. For instance, if the issue come from the employee, managers can have an informal discussion with them to find the root of the issue.

Performer / Job level indicates that meeting internal customer requirement by the workforce such as store manager and shift manager. Store managers here responsible for managing the overall functioning of the store takes care of the day to day operations of the store and ensures maximum profitability for his store. There are first-line managers in each business unit within the organization. They are also the one who interact the most with the employees on a daily basis, so, if the managers does not work properly, it will effect the employees. Thus, they may lack motivation and not perform work efficiently. These can be seen when Rob and Diane establish the leadership system that consists store managers responsible for the day-to-day operations.

To improve Rob and Diane business plan from the performer / job level, the managers in this level can implement the reward system for job performance of all hourly employees. These can result to high motivation towards the employees. Moreover, performer / job level must plays an important roles to maintain discipline among the workers and to develop in them the right approach to work. In other words, they have to explain clearly what must to do and not. The discipline of the employees reflects the quality of the services they were delivering so, the managers in this level must supervise all their employees efficiently.




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