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Bus 475 - Business Model - Swott Analysis Paper

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The innovation is what made Wheels today successful. With the innovation of technology, innovation itself can help them succeeded at hard times and in the future too. Socio cultural is another external factor that impacts any wants and needs that maybe key that is preparing for the future baby boomers. Culturally to assure the long term successfully of the company.

The external analysis allows any way to better understand and gain any knowledge. The internal structure consists of foundation competence, strategies and procedure. Structure enables the business to develop success today. With the process the business can run efficiently. When you have a productive organizational structure that is productive can lead to peaceful working environment. The staff works with their clients to provide excellent customer service. With them saving money, time and benefits increased too.

Core competencies are connected with the use of technology. The business is giving in new direction and needs to update constantly in order to stay ahead of the competition. Strategies

Innovation strategy is followed by opportunities to reduce costs, save time and benefits better. Strategy can be successful by achieving goals. Some strategies are sufficient funds, any research a available and technology up to date. Weak point might be the higher costs to execute strategy. Business opportunities are expanding into new areas and staying ahead of the competition. The strategy expected will have long term growth of the business.

Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of the business is important for any business. A swott is very important to know the strengths and weaknesses but as well as know the opportunities and threats it may face at all. With the swott they can decide what to use and not use for growth of business.


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