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Job Analysis Paper

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Appraisal Methods

There are a couple of methods to use for performance appraisal for an ombudsman. One would be the performance evaluation of the worker. Their behavior is monitored and how much ability and knowledge is applied to do the necessary task and how well they can convey options for their client. Although the evaluation may not give a true appraisal each time it is done. This position needs people that are dependable, an unbiased person who affords personal and easy support to handle issues.

Benefits and Vulnerabilities

At hand there are many benefits to applying these methods. The performance appraisal makes a great team with the company and the employers. These techniques assist in enhancing the journey of life for older adults. This population often feels left out and unwanted. By applying this benefit it allows the employer to get a closer look at the assessment and substance of all the employees. Some of the qualities that would fall under the vulnerabilities of these particular techniques are that they are measured by people who are not perfect and make mistakes. Job analysis and appraisal allow an organization to place people where they are needed the most and the one who has the skill and experience to perform the much needed tasks. It allows the company to monitor those that may become unmotivated, because this particular job has quick burnout. It is hard sometimes not to get emotionally involved or become attached to one of the client’s situations.

In conclusion,

Countless families are in turmoil about putting their loved ones in a facility. People want to know that they are in a safe and clean environment. By implementing these techniques it will allow an organization to place the right people in the appropriate setting rendering to the expertise and knowledge they have acquired. One must possess the ability to care for someone other than a family member. You cannot have the characteristic of a money chaser, because there is no get rich fix in this occupation. Using the job analysis and the performance appraisal makes for an effective organization.



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