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The Softsheen-Carson Strategic Plan - Swot Analysis Paper

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Opportunities and Issues

The opportunities analysis displays a few of competitive advantages which will benefit the organization and the hair technology division. Since this is a new technological invention which is not currently found in the market, this innovate take hair care to the next level making it convenient for any individual to do and benefit for households who are budget conscience however still wants to maintain their appearance. This product will increase customer volume, which will include households and businesses, and revenue. Also as well create more opportunities for other innovative products branch off the electric hair braider, will grow the new hair technology larger. Whereas opportunities presents threats which could possibly cause a negative impact the organization and the new division. The most common disadvantage for any company is when another company idea and create a knock-off version of that product. Which is one of the biggest threats which Softsheen- Carson will have to face and conduct a strategy to prevent this threat from majorly impacting the company and division. This also includes the new competition which also enters the market.

Hypothesis and Research Question

Softsheen- Carson predicts that the electric braider will be the new popular culture trend which creating sustainability and a growth of hair efficiency as well as quality. Some questions for the company to evaluate to analyze which direction to take the company. Will the electric hair braider just only be a fad and not hold any substains? What can the do to make sure that its customers are satisfied and not go to the competitors?


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