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Swot Analysis Template. Potential Grom Expantion to Romania, Slovenia, Serbia and Croatia

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Swot grom


SWOT Analysis Template

Potential Grom expantion to Romania, Slovenia, Serbia and Croatia


High quality products.

Grom owns their own farms and laboratories where they grow and mix their high quality raw ingredients.

Groms ice cream and its raw ingredients do not contain any flavourings, colors or preservatives of any kind.

It has a high level of social responsibility; Grom has replaced all plastic with Mater Bi, their paper is 100% recycled and comes from responsibly managed forests, also the energy they use in their stores comes from 100%

renewable resources.

Verified raw materials by AIC (Associazione Italiana Celiachia)


Logistic costs will be higher due to the distance between Italy and countries like Serbia and Romania.

Being a premium ice cream store reduces your potential consumers due to higher prices, in this case Serbia where their GDP per capita is low (10,000 usd) and Romania (11,000 usd) will have a bigger impact on sales.

Lacks brand awareness.

Logistic costs will be higher due to the distance between Italy and countries like Serbia and Romania.


Trends in Slovenia suggest that ice cream is being increasingly consumed as a dessert also in colder months.

Unilever is the market leader in Romanian market.

Climate trends suggest that Serbia will have prolonged summers the next years, which could mean sales in the ice cream market will grow.

The global ice cream market grew from 67 in 2014 to 71 billion usd in 2015 and it is likely to keep increasing.


Slovenian market is highly price-sensitive and the demand for lower priced ice creams is increasing.

The competition in this markets is really intense, in Croatia , Ledo dd has 73% of market share.

Romania and Serbia have both low GDP per capita and also they are ranked among the countries with more corruption in the area , which could represent a risk to the business.

Serbia has a 17.2% unemployment rate.

Trend towards


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