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Swot Analysis on Kimberly-Clark Corporation

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value-added suppliers (Kimberly-Clark).” Customer and Supplier relationship gives us the advantage to choose suppliers that are competitive and that are interested in giving customer satisfaction.

Included in our program are:

• minority-owned businesses

• woman-owned businesses

• lesbian/gay/bi-sexual or transgendered-owned businesses

• disadvantaged businesses

• HUB Zone businesses

• Veteran-owned and service disabled veteran-owned businesses

• Small businesses

Kimberly-Clark has built a relationship around doing the right thing for its customers. This is how you gain customer advantage over the competition, we have found out since this company has been established, great customers want to do business with companies that operate openness and that are responsible with ethics. Great people want to work for companies that are committed to environmental and social stewardship.

Marketing Plan Objectives

“Kimberly-Clark increased the use of FSC-certified fiber in global tissue products in 2009. The goal for 2014 is to reach our 2015 goal of sourcing 100% of our virgin wood fiber from suppliers. The main goal is to increase the use of environmentally preferred fiber by 2025, by then all paper and tissue products will be made of certified wood fiber (Kimberly-Clark).”

One other objective is to connect our supply chain to the store shelves. Being a manufacturer of personal-care products we want to create a demand-driven supply chain that would make and warehouse only the precise amount of inventory needed to replace what consumers actually purchased. We have good reason to make this one of our top priorities. "If we align our activities to what’s happening on the shelf, we can take a lot of cost, waste, and inventory out of the system. Kimberly-Clark’s team is continuously improving how we operate and how we embed sustainability into the fabric of the business.

Strategic Directions

A. Strategic Alternatives

Marketing Penetration

Trade publications

Web sites

Stock market


Survey research

Market Development

Developing and acquiring new technologies and leveraging strategic partnerships and alliances has enabled us to create innovative product and design solutions across our consumer tissue, personal care, health care and business-to-business segments.

Product Development

“To better serve healthcare professionals with cleaning solutions, Kimberly-Clark Professional has developed the new Kimtech WetTask Dual-Performance Wiping System (Kimberly-Clark).” It is one of the newest products on the line for medical care facilities WetTask System line it has a closed-bucket solution that uses Kimtech WetTask Wipers (Kimberly-Clark).” “WetTask is used along with the preferred chemical solution in order to maintain its disinfectant concentration (Kimberly-Clark).”


Kimberly-Clark and several other stakeholders have joined with Greenpeace to improve their products and supply chain. Most of the planets forestry is lost from the cutting of trees. The forest helps to protect the environment and gives of oxygen and it also provides jobs and are the source of culture communities. “To effect positive change, Greenpeace challenges the global marketplace, engages the public, pressures governments and works with industry to protect the Boreal Forest, Amazon, Congo, Great Bear and Indonesian rainforest (Market Source 2012).” “2013 was a year of celebration for People, Planet, and Products (Kimberly-Clark 2013).”

B. Strategic Alternatives

Present Product New Product

Present Market Market Penetration

Kimberly-Clark sells paper -based products to consumers nationwide for their personal care needs. Product Development

Kimberly-Clark Professional developed the new Kimtech WetTask Dual-Performance Wiping System. Development

New Market Market Development

Kimberly-Clark has opened a new manufacturing facility and China. Diversification

Kimberly-Clark has collaborated with Greenpeace for the use of fiber from sustainable sources to save the forest.

Target Market

At Kimberly-Clark, our targeted marketers are young women between the ages of 15–24 year-old female consumers. With our Kotex line, the decisions to launch a new ultrathin line under the Kotex Luxe name. Inspired by the insight that women or influenced by design and aesthetics as well as function, the new range Kotex Luxe Ultrathin Design would be the first to feature patterns on the pads themselves. In the absence of significant media support, we decided that packaging would be the primary channel for driving product awareness and purchase (Kimberly-Clark Kotex line).

Marketing Mix

Product Strategies

Kimberly-Clark Corporation is an American personal care corporation that produces mostly paper-based consumer products. As a leader in paper products, we are known for our global fiber procurement policy, with nearly 100% of our fiber coming from third-party-certified sources. Kimberly-Clark’s towel and tissue codes in the U.S.A. and Canada are now EcoLogo®-certified (Market watch).

Place (Distribution) Strategies


Sam’s Warehouse

Target Stores



Promotion Strategies

Our integrated marketing planning system helps us identify new-to-the-world innovations, powerful commercial marketing ideas designed to accelerate growth of our brands and help drive those ideas into the


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