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Swot Analysis - Food Service Industry Technology

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do not track our inventory effectively. Through the proper use of ShopKeep we could be use it to track inventory on all beverages we serve (beer, soda, and wine). This would be helpful because we constantly lose out on sales because of running out of specific beverages customers wants.

Opportunities- Delta biggest opportunity in the next five years would consist of implementing a marketing strategy. In our text, we discuss Internet marketing strategy as a “search engine for optimization, which uses embedded meta tags and keywords to help search engines sort results: customer-lead generation, in which marketers request customer information from information websites, white paper downloads, email blasts, in which advertisements and discount coupons emailed directly to prospects, and push marketing, which involves direct sales marketing based on user interest” (Spidalieri, 2015, p. 41). Delta currently does not do any paid marketing which is hurting their business. “The internet has become a fantastic resource for billions of people” (Odell, 2014, p.17) we are not reaching out to as many customers as we could be.

Threat- At Delta we allow customers to connect freely to our Wi-Fi connection, but I now see this as larger threat compared to a convenience for our customers. “The impact of a cyber-security incident can range from silent and undetected to devastating and immediate” (Odell, 2014, p.40). We must protect our network from “black-hat hackers and crackers” (Spidalieri, 2015, p.33). We allow instant access for customers who want to join our network. This puts us at a high risk situation because on average we swipe approximately 100-200 credit cards every day. If someone were to gain access into our networks and steal customers’ credit card information it would be a detrimental loss for our small business to handle as we would potentially be held liable for losses.


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