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  • 3 Dramas

    3 Dramas

    BB: Money? (Puts $ arm back up, and he steps back frozen) Forget it. My parents had lots of money! But they were always fighting, about it. When I was growing up, I had everything money could buy, but I still got this burden. My Mum and Dad have

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  • A Biblical Worldview - Perspective from the Book of Romans

    A Biblical Worldview - Perspective from the Book of Romans

    Culture To strengthen the reunion, we need to be iron sharpening iron. We need the practices to show the world who we are as people, so we have baptism and communion. We meet at church for instruction and fellowship. We have a new identity through Jesus Christ which joins

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  • A History of Christianity in Uganda

    A History of Christianity in Uganda

    Mutesa let the Muslims, Catholics, and Protestants operate openly. His subjects were able to join the religion of their choice. It was a struggle to assert more influence and recognition among the influential officials in the king's court. He wouldn’t be circumcised so the Muslims denounced him and he

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  • A Meditation on Fruitfulness, Fidelity, and the Conjugal Embrace

    A Meditation on Fruitfulness, Fidelity, and the Conjugal Embrace

    It is that very argument that appears to cast the tone or summarize Pope John Paul II’s address. Specifically, the pope is attending to the problem of the contemporary world that has forgotten the meaning or has grown to no longer believe in life, love fidelity, and forgiveness. To

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  • A Proper Understanding About Jesus Christ

    A Proper Understanding About Jesus Christ

    Rudolph Bultmann sought to remake the Christian faith in existential terms while omitting all of the supernatural elements. He saw “faith” as a transforming experience, but argued that the miracles of the Bible were irrelevant, and thus that the Bible teaches error. Liberation Theology and its Christology: Assumes the

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  • Abortion


    Lastly, abortion goes strongly against Christianity. The pro life movement is a movement that is growing in ending abortion clinics. What everyone does not know is the horrific facts of abortions and the horrendous processes they use in killing the child. There are many ways in killing the child

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  • Abortion Dilemma Essay

    Abortion Dilemma Essay

    Comparison Other worldviews may not have such strict rules on abortion. While a Christian worldview states that the decision for one to have a child is God’s decision, while other worldviews believe that abortion is a woman’s decision and that “Abortion needs to be legal and widely accessible to

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  • Alexander Hamilton's Legacy

    Alexander Hamilton's Legacy

    to the economic collapse of much of Eastern Europe and the Third World. He thinks that the leaders of new democracies could learn from Hamilton and his mentor Washington that just holding elections and establishing free markets is not enough for a struggling new democratic government. Lind argues that although

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  • Amendment of Blasphemy Laws of Pakistan

    Amendment of Blasphemy Laws of Pakistan

    Religious extremist argue that such laws are necessary for the protection of beliefs of the majority. Although, the protection of belief is necessary it is just as important to maintain an environment where critical discussions on region can be held. No religion in itself has stated any punishment for

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  • An Analysis of Donald Trump as Us President

    An Analysis of Donald Trump as Us President

    [pic 4] (Trumps proposal, n.d.) Russia Trump wants to maintain a good relationship with Russia. Trump stated that US and Russia could work together to fight terrorism in Islamic states. They are also looking forward to recognize Crimea which Russia annexed in 2014 from Ukraine as it is an

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  • Analysis of Matthew 1:18-25

    Analysis of Matthew 1:18-25

    the Messiah’s role as the savior, not of military or political saving, but of spiritual saving. In accordance with the covenant with David, the Messiah has been brought into the world as fully divine and fully human through his dual paternity. One of the foundational theological themes in the Gospels

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  • Approaches to the Study of Religion

    Approaches to the Study of Religion

    Nongbri wrote that Augustine and John of Damascus believed that other religions were half Christians. Buddhist beliefs and practices in Augustine’s opinion, were “half-Christian”. “Surprise has sometimes been registered at Islam being described as a Christian heresy, but that is clearly not what is meant here.” Distinguishing between religions

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  • Are We Living in a Post Christendom or Post Christian Society?

    Are We Living in a Post Christendom or Post Christian Society?

    The cultural dimension of Christendom can be explained by the leading role in education play by the Church together with the absorption of Greek and Roman philosophy, literature and art; and it was the religion and culture of the West from the 11th to the 19th century. It was

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  • As You Dedicate Yourselves Today Through Fasting - Where Is Your Sacrifice?

    As You Dedicate Yourselves Today Through Fasting - Where Is Your Sacrifice?

    Hebrews says….Abraham believed that God would raise Isaac from the dead!! So they were BOTH coming back! Some people believe that buying our own proper church building does not make any sense!!...Tell you what, half the Bible does not make sense. Tell you what…if you are standing on God’s

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  • Benchmark - Gospel Dilemma

    Benchmark - Gospel Dilemma

    When an individual of the Christian faith understands that as a Christian they are responsible for shaping their lives in according with the Christian worldview. When a person accepts the gift of salvation, he or she is said to be justified- made acceptable before (or made right with) God

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  • Benchmark - Gospel Essentials

    Benchmark - Gospel Essentials

    Reflection I am a Christian, but I am not a perfect Christian. I believe in all the Christian beliefs. However, it is a challenge to always uphold those beliefs. I strive daily to uphold the image of God, the image of which we were created in. Being Christian entails

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  • Benchmark: Christian Worldview

    Benchmark: Christian Worldview

    “You do not know what you ask” (Matthew 20:22), a verse in the bible, that really illustrates where one can become confused. You might often ask yourself why things happen, for example, perhaps you need ten dollars from your mom, but unfortunately she can’t give it to you because

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  • Bible Study

    Bible Study

    general letter to the churches. Further, “Based on the contents of the three letters (1, 2, and 3 John), the way the readers are addressed, the language used, and the concepts involved, many scholars have concluded that these churches shared a common adherence to the sort of Christianity which is

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  • Biblegateway


    Jesus has always been portrayed as a leader in the bible as well in written scriptures and is compared to Moses. Moses was a leader that was raised into the pharos but later on found out he wasn’t blood of the pharos and later on was told he was

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  • Bowling and Chrisitanity

    Bowling and Chrisitanity

    The final contradictory issue to discuss between the bowling industry and Christian beliefs is when the competitions are scheduled. Tournaments are typically held on Sundays (and Saturdays as well if needed) due to the fact that most tournaments take six to eight hours and even longer, and for extended

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  • Buddhism


    2015). While looking at the website “The Buddhist Society" (2015), it says the Eight Noble Truths are “(1) Right View. (2) Right Thought. (3) Right Speech. (4) Right Action. (5) Right Livelihood. (6) Right Effort (7) Right Mindfulness. (8) Right Concentration.” There are The Three Fires which are called Desire/Thirst,

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  • Buddhism


    Jones, D. T. (2014, February 8). Meanings Of Karma . Retrieved May 15, 2016, from Buddhist Centre: Lane, W. (2003, May 23). Urban Dictionary . Retrieved May 10, 2016, from Karma: Opposing views . (2008). Retrieved May 15, 2016, from The significane of Salvation in Christianity :

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  • Buddhism and Christianity, Not So Different

    Buddhism and Christianity, Not So Different

    of the worshiper. They both are trying to leave the material world by attaining this spiritual perfection and true happiness can only come from achieving it. There is a monastic component to each of the religions. There are many similarities to compare the two religions, but there many aspects contrast

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  • Buddhism and Taoism - Similarities and Differences

    Buddhism and Taoism - Similarities and Differences

    Taoism, where there is no one path to take in order to understand the true ‘Tao.’ The path chosen is on one’s own term. Rather than learning the definition of Tao, it is how your feelings respond to your own true human nature, and how it accepts the true nature

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  • Can You Be a Scientist and Be Religious?

    Can You Be a Scientist and Be Religious?

    while other parts of the world suffered from poverty ignorance and plagues. Muslim scientists made many discoveries that continue to assist in influencing and shaping the 21st century world as we know it. Take for instance, the ‘father’ of modern science, Ibn-Al-Haytham. Ibn-Al-Haytham, began a legacy of experiments to back

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  • Catholicism - Our Lady of the Rosary

    Catholicism - Our Lady of the Rosary

    The Demographics of the people in the church were that of, all ages. There was people of all ages together families, couples, and single people. Teens, children, babies, adults, and grandparents. There are three priests and two deacons that work at this church and they alter who runs the

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  • Chanukah


    Among these traditions there are more modern traditions, like gift-giving. Gift giving is not an original part of Chanukah; it came about in recent times. Due mostly to its proximity to Christmas, Chanukah, has adapted to modern times and formed these new traditions. Gift-giving on Chanukah starts on the

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  • Chapter 1

    Chapter 1

    2. excessive hope: everyone with effort can become the boss. showing luxury. possibilities and disappointments are huge. 3. We have too much freedom: society doenst really care what you do and it is not confident for people to dont have answers to the big questions of your life. 4.

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  • Chapter Two: Gospel of Creation

    Chapter Two: Gospel of Creation

    91. Sense of deep communion with nature can’t be real if our hearts lack tenderness, compassion, concern for our fellow humans… Concern for the environment thus needs to be joined to a sincere love for our fellow human beings and an unwavering commitment to resolving the problems of society.

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  • Chinese Cuisine

    Chinese Cuisine

    cilantro and sesame are generally utilized as a part of numerous territorial cooking styles. Sichuan peppercorns, star anise, cinnamon, fennel, cloves and white peppers are additionally utilized as a part of various locales. To add additional flavors to dishes, numerous Chinese foods likewise contain dried Chinese mushrooms, dried infant shrimps,

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