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2015). While looking at the website “The Buddhist Society" (2015), it says the Eight Noble Truths are “(1) Right View. (2) Right Thought. (3) Right Speech. (4) Right Action. (5) Right Livelihood. (6) Right Effort (7) Right Mindfulness. (8) Right Concentration.” There are The Three Fires which are called Desire/Thirst, Anger, and Delusion. The last main teaching is called The Three Signs of Being and they are Change, Suffering, and no “I”. Those are the teaching that are the most important in Buddhism and most people that practice it do try to live by them ("The Buddhist Society", 2015). Theravada Buddhism is called the Doctrine of the Elders and this is the school of Buddhism that draws its scriptural inspiration from a book called Tipitaka. This book that they use for this school is one of the oldest surviving record of the Buddhas teachings. This school has mainly been used in Asia but as of today there are well over 100 million people who practice this school in the west. ("What Is Theravada Buddhism", 2005).

When you are looking into this religion to try to become part of it you will have to realize that it is a very old religion that has been around since B.C and that most of the practiced that were used back then are still being used today. This is the religion that is going to take some time to understand it fully and make sure that you actually doing it right. When you are studying Buddhism you can get confused very easily but you will start to understand it again at one point. This is the type that anyone can try out and see if they

want to be part of it without feeling shame for leaving it because it can be quite hard to make sure that you are doing it the right way. Even today new things are being learned about Buddhism that we did not know before.


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