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Izmur National University - Analysis of Strategic Planning

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Measurement and Effect of Productivity

Izmir has overlooked a very important input: the lack of, or failure to apply the knowledge of how to transform the inputs into outputs. Student satisfaction needs to be measured to remain competitive in the short-term, as well as long-term. The core input is the student, and the output is the student’s success and the university’s sustainability. When the student is happy and successful within the university, the university will thrive (Meredith & Shafer, 2016).

Other than grants and endowments, tuition is the major source of income for any university. The main goal should be to keep as many students as possible, maximizing the quality and effectiveness of enrollments. There are no current standards to measure output, which means that no plans are in place to manage risk and make enhancements. In the case of Izmir, service delivery can be measured by the ratio of the total operation budget per student to the student’s success after graduation. Post-graduate student success can be measured by assessing the graduates job status, in the field of study, in 6 months, 1 year, 3 years after graduation (Meredith & Shafer, 2016).

As far as ten percent raise to the faculty, this could possibly boost morale as far as extrinsic motivators. However, their student-ratio needs addressing with the hiring of additional faculty and staff, as well the need of additions to graduate research assistants and increased travel budget, all according to faculty comments. It would be hard to justify a ten percent raise to faculty when there are already budgetary issues within the institution. They would be better served taking that ten percent proposed increase to faculty salary and putting it towards decreasing the student-teacher ratio, helping their research departments with additional assistants, and facilitating basic infrastructural necessities such as implementing a voice mail system. This would be more beneficial to the faculty, as opposed to a raise, because their wait times with copying would decrease and they would be able to receive messages enabling them to better perform their core role of serving the university. Additionally, with funds going towards the travel budget, they would be able to improve visibility within the academic community which would allow Izmir National University to appear more prestigious. This could also increase the quality of enrollments within their MBA program as well as other departments (Meredith & Shafer, 2016).


Meredith, J. R., & Shafer, S. M. (2016). Operations and Supply Chain Management for MBAs (6th ed., pp. 4-31). Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons.


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