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Will Gm’s Strategic Plan Lead to Future Success?

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and the ones that are going to cost less money to manufacture. In the case study it talks about Europe having high labor costs the company is losing money. If they manufactured cars that didn’t have high labor costs and ones that they know are going to sell they wouldn’t be losing money or break even, they would be making profit. Another goal that they set is making more than 10 billion dollars a year. I think this goal is very attainable as long as General Motors makes cuts when needed, produces cars that they know are going to sell, limit manufacturing cost, and stays ahead of the game. It will take time to be able to make the money they are wanting to; however, with changes they have already made I can see them hitting this goal in the near future.

I think General Motors is doing a great job when it comes to the planning/control cycle. I think the government bailout allowed them to learn what they were doing wrong and realizing changes would have to be made. When reading the case study it seemed like they knew what plans needed to be made and what they had to do to help carry out that plan. They also are improving their future plans in order to stay ahead of the game which is very important. The cuts that they’ve made and our making in the future shows that they are following the plans they had made. The case study even discusses how their income has hit 8 million in 201 which was the highest it had ever been. I think this time around they are utilizing everything they have to stay open and realizing what they did wrong in the past so that they don’t continue to repeat the same problems and end up losing everything again.

I learned a lot about planning from this case study. I think it’s important to know that a company that struggled so bad that they ended up needing a government bail out to open ended up making more money in a year than it had ever had. It shows that even though a business may have failed once they can make a comeback. I think it’s important for General Motors to follow through with the plans and goals they have so they can be very profitable and a high ranked competitor again. I learned that it’s important to make a plan and follow through with it. If you don’t set goals and check your progress it’s hard to realize what changes need made and sadly a lot of business end up going out of business because they don’t do that.

Just like I said before I learned a lot from this case study. I’m glad we got to learn about how a company made a comeback from where they were and how they are making changes to keep their business going. It’s important to plan, set goals, and do everything possible to maintain them goals in order to be successful


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