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Information Systems Strategic Business Planning

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Nowadays, the guests who arrive to resorts would expect to have access to their technological needs. For example, the should provide high quality wireless access in the future. This should able to strengthen their internet presence and populate the electronic world strengthening their electronic relationships with their distributers, improving their own trademark hospitality and customer service. Currently the business running quite smoothly, however, for keeping the top position in the market, developing an efficient information strategy a clear vision for the role of IS and a solid IS architecture are a critical step. For example, it is better to have one single integrated system that connects all the international systems.


Information systems vision

It consists of a concise statement that captures what the planning team believes should be the role of IS resources in the firm. It provides an articulation of the ideal state the firm should strive for in its use and management of its resources.

IT group should develop the new system which phase out the Stellex gradually within 5 years. The new system should provide the anchor (as Stellex) to which all other operational systems, including telephone switches, call accounting, and in-room entertainment, connectd.

50% of the business coming from wholesalers who often sold Outrigger products as part of a package. New system should have real-time electronic interfaces with wholesalers. Besides, strengthening electronic relationships with distributors are also important.

The internet by consumers had accounted for over 80% of travel to Hawaii. Increase the manpower to follow up for the internet booking is necessary.


information Systems guidelines

(1) Organization

[pic 7]


(2) Technology

[pic 8]


Strategic initiatives

They are long-term (3 to 5 year) proposals that identify new systems, and new projects or new directions for the IS organization.

Regular training of the new system must be provided to the existing staff and new comers. Also, management should participate for the implement of new system. For example, through some policies, regular meeting and incentive

Outriggers could use the new system geographically. It has the capacity for the future expand through acquisition.

The new system should not focus mainly for the writing customized reports purpose only. It should be-compatible for the use with JD Edwars for accounting and E.piphany for analysisIt should be showing guest history. Hence, Outriggers could appropriately acknowledge them like honeymoon. Also, electronics operation is reducing the reservations made by fax

It should be showing guest history. Hence, Outriggers could acknowledge the return guest or their special occasion like honeymoon. Also, the new system should reduce the reservations made by fax currently.


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