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The Role of Information Systems for Business Competitiveness

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2.2 Impact on business due to cloud computing:

The significant improvement in computing technologies such as grid computing, utility and automated computing has led a way to perform business tasks in a more efficient manner and in a more cost effective manner as well.

An example of a virtual company is being discussed further on how it impacts the company when cloud computing is being implemented.

3. Scenario:

We pay U is a small but growing company in the Midwest that handles all payrolls, payroll taxes, filings, and other government documents for small businesses that do not have an internal payroll department. As they have grown from a hand full of clients to now over 100, they are looking for a better way to provide fast, effective, and efficient service. They want clients to have direct access to their paystubs, pay history, and other information.

They also want their clients to have easier employee on-boarding, and not to be required to phone in payroll information with a payroll specialist. It’s time to decide, should the company adopt cloud and if the answer is yes, what type of cloud? The output of this paper is to evaluate various cloud types and vendors in market to provide the best solution for We pay U.

3.1 Cloud Infrastructure Design

The project here requires a solid IaaS design as it requires accessing, monitoring and managing remote datacenter infrastructures, storage, networking and networking services. Since WEPAYU needs a IaaS design cloud and its basically based on a payroll system the cloud infrastructure should have both resource pooling architecture for sharing appropriate modules at home location as well as the client location, it also needs dynamic scalability architecture as based on the requirements it scales up like during recruiting season or a new client intake this architecture will help. The below is sample architecture of WEPAYU with its clients.



[pic 1]


[pic 2]

The employee data are filled in the OpenERP at the Organizational level and then it is moved to the Amazon Elastic block Store based on the organization's approval hierarchy like the data is passed through the HR and Manager who analyze it at the organizational level before further processing. After the organizational checks the Data is sent to Amazon Elastic Block Store.

3.4 Conceptual Design

Client Side Access Data transfered & StoredWEPAYU Side Access

[pic 3]

The payroll data is entered to the OpenERP which is mounted is on the Amazon EC2 Container Service. The data that is entered is transferred to the Amazon elastic block store where the data is stored for further data processing. At WEPAYU the data is again accessed through the OpenERP mounted on Amazon EC2 container service for filing and processing.

4. Impact on company due to cloud computing:

For WEPAYU the cloud infrastructure design would be resource pooling and dynamic scalability with IaaS using Amazon Virtual Private Cloud where OpenERP is the tool used in data retrieval and auditing with Amazon EC2 container service and Amazon Elastic block storage for data storage.

5. Conclusion

Thus from the above scenario it clearly explains that the implementation of cloud computing which is one of the major developing information system will clearly show a rapid improvement in business and will allow the company to perform their tasks in a more efficient and cost effective manner.


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