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Information Systems Security

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on key areas such as Point of Sale assets will make most people think twice before committing a crime (, 2015).

Another key area that Riordan Manufacturing Inc. should consider in lieu of very expensive biometrics systems, is the installation of key card entry system. The chance for theft is great with merely a key card since the potential for theft or accidental loss is high. Therefore, key card entry alone is not a solid security system, a combination of both a physical key card, along with either a password or Personal Identification Number (PIN) should be established. Riordan Manufacturing Inc. employees will need to scan there card at one of the readers, which will identify whether the card holder is permitted to access that area, it will either permit or deny access, and record the scan attempt (Gregory, 2009).

There are many different types of protective measures an organization can establish to ensure the protection of their network. The network is one of the most vital pieces of any organization that needs to be safeguarded from intrusion. The protection of the network also needs to be established outside of the facility also. It’s important that the organization has outside storage, to ensure that it is protected and unauthorized personnel do not have a way to enter the facility. Having a good security fence can give an organization a little more security control that can ensure that their data is secured. Having the right type of perimeter fence can prevent intrusion from unwanted personnel. They also can assist security groups by limiting the access in which people can enter the facility and provides limited areas in which personnel can enter and exit the area.

There are all types of security fences that can be used to secure a facility. Chain link security fences is one of the most popular amongst government, state, and other organization. There can be additional features be installed to help prevent unauthorized users from entering the facility. These added features are anti climb spikes, barbed wire, razor wire, and concertina coils. They also “give notice to legal boundary of the outer limit of a facility, and help in controlling and screening personnel that enter the area, and support surveillance, detection, assessment, and other security functions.” (Chain Link Fence, 2015). Having security fences as well as other surveillance equipment can help the organization to provide safety for personnel as well as protect data and other vital information.


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