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Vitas Healthcare Hospice and Palliative Care - Strategic Plan and Presentation

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There are several factors that influence the overall quality of health care. These factors include factors such as payment reductions, regulations and business practices of insurers. If there are cuts under Medicare insurance which is the source of payment for most hospice patients, this could result in a possible layoff, leaving the organization short staffed. Regulations create winners and losers in our health care system, but also has a tendency to make our system more costly, less flexible and less free. (Health Care Regulations). Regulations impact physicians which affects their decision making in which they are careful not to stray to avoid possible lawsuits.

Externally, Vitas continues to search for new additions to help achieve their market goal(s). Listed below are a few fast facts regarding Vitas Healthcare.

- 289 patient care teams actively across the country

- 2,744 skilled nursing facilities throughout the nation have contractual agreements with Vitas

- Vitas currently has 34 inpatient hospice units that allow visitors 24 hours per day

- More than 1,416 employees have 10 or more years of experience with this company

- 10.2 million in genuine charity care provided to hospice patients nationwide in 2013 which represents 1 percent of their gross revenues – a ratio in which few, if any, hospice providers can match (“Hospice & Palliative Care”).

Though the external environment produces challenges, it also gives the company a number of opportunities. The company stays ahead of other competitors because of the services that are offered.

Internal Factors

In the hospice setting, staff members deal with patients and families of diverse backgrounds. Some socio demographic factors can influence the interaction between a provider/staff, the patient and the quality of services. Some patients believe that unless they take certain medications or get certain medical treatments (despite the physician’s medical experience), that they are not receiving quality service. Another factor is the patient’s financial status. If a patient cannot afford the costs and medications associated with the services provided, they may be limited to certain medications (generic brands if it is available) which may not be as effective. Patient cooperation is definitely needed during the treatment process. This would have an overall impact on the physician-patient relationship. Vitas belief is that internal growth can be done by maintaining quality care, continuously developing referral relationships in various markets, providing educational sources on the company’s ability to care for diseases and chronic conditions and preserving skilled and professional employees. Internally, the company is consistent giving prominence to the company’s corporate identity and the overall external environment.


Vitas Healthcare must consider a few generic strategies in order to remain the leader and continue to gain a competitive advantage in the hospice industry. These three strategies include focus, differentiation and leadership. Many sponsors and supporters believe that these options can bring forth above normal returns within this industry for a company as such.

Part of Vital Healthcare’s success comes from implementing the focus strategy. This strategy basically concentrates on a specific segment within the market where the company can choose to concentrate on a specified select group, product or segment of a market which in this case are people with terminal illnesses. Their focus strategy is for people that are in extreme need of medical care from those that understand and are willing and proud to make a difference.

Most organizations that have taken leadership within their industry have done so by restricting their business focus instead of broadening it. They have focused on delivering superior customer value in line with one of three value disciplines—operational excellence, customer intimacy, or product leadership. (Treacy &Wiersema). In order for any organization to maintain their competitive advantage, it is a must that a value discipline be implemented. Being consistent with this values discipline can result in being a leader in that particular industry.

For Vitas Healthcare, customer intimacy is the best value as it goes hand in hand with the company’s mission and value statements. Vitas has always enforced the liberty of critically ill patients and their families to ensure that their patients are receiving the best care. The organization shows that they have cared for the patients and the well-being of their relatives for over thirty years while allowing patients to be involved in the entire decision making process in determining how their end of life care is provided. Several services are offered that are customizable to the patients’ needs.

In addition to hospice services, the organization also offers Palliative Care, Telecare, Music Therapy, Bereavement and Grief Resources, Care for Veterans and Paw Pals Pet Visits. These are all designed based on the patients’ needs. Vitas Healthcare Hospice and Palliative Care has always strived to go over and beyond in the care of their patients. Vitas works endlessly to resolve any reservations in an efficient manner and to ease any concerns a patient or family member have. They strive to make the patient as comfortable as possible.

Not only has Vitas been in business for over thirty years, they have also been the leader of hospice and palliative care within the health care industry. Since then, time has changed and technology has evolved drastically helping to keep the company current in maintaining their competitive advantage. Innovation has played a major role. The organization has managed to continuously create in order to grow. The idea has always been to create newer, better and more convenient ways to maintain and enhance the pioneering spirit. This is done by continuously implementing new programs and ideas to help take some of the responsibility off of the family member(s) shoulder(s). There is always the security of knowing that somebody is behind them. It is very imperative for patients to know that they have the opportunity to approach death with dignity.

Implementation Plan

In addition to hospice services, the organization also offers Palliative Care, Telecare, Music Therapy, Bereavement and Grief Resources, Care for Veterans and Paw Pals Pet Visits which are all designed based on the patients’ needs. Vitas Healthcare Hospice


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