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Business Model and Strategic Plan

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Guiding Principles

The guiding principles of Sunrise Seats are those that drive the organization to success. One of the major principles is our Scalability. Our company has the potential to reach thousands of customers, and save just as many lives, but we understand starting small. Our current market focuses on New Mexico where temperatures easily reach 100 degrees during the summer. Our Business has the potential to grow thousands of times its current state.

Another principle that is important in guiding our organization along the path laid out by our vision statement is Standards. Without an establish standard our product would be taken off the shelf. Current federal guidelines are established on vehicle safety seats. Our organization not only strives to meet those but will push to establish new ones that place the meaning of safety seat to a high level.

Of course another principle is sustainability. Our Organization must be able to meet market demands as well as create them to stay operational. Focusing in on ensure our product makes it to market is a key to being sustainable.

Social Responsibility

Sunrise Seats works with the community, understanding that they are a vital key to our success. By investing in our local community we are able to not only promote our products but also the fact that we do care about our customers and the consumer. Family programs are a vital source to the community and ensuring individuals participating in these programs have access to our products will drive an image of responsibility for our organization. We have a duty to ensure that all children are provided the opportunity to live and our principles of scalability will push our organization to reach not only families locally but on a globally.


SWOTT Analysis Paper

Conducting a SWOTT analysis for Cool-Ride system will enable our management team to identify the internal and external factors for the company and assist in the identification of our Strengths and weaknesses. Included in this report you will find the synapse of this analysis of elements that are external as well as those internal ones as well. Utilizing this information we can guide our organization to be a competitive and successful pillar for our chosen market field.

The Economic analysis and evaluation determined that the while our organization is a safety device we are still influenced by the economic condition of public safety and health care sectors. As a strength, our product is one of luxury, permitting individuals with income to purchase our products freely. As a weakness our product maybe identified by middle and lower class individuals as an unnecessary item. Use of marketing techniques must be used to overcome this aspect. There were no opportunities identified in the Economic Analysis, however threats were evident. The product uses chemical compounds that are used in industrial factories as coolant materials and as such may pose a potential threat to organizational economic factors as a whole. Further analysis is necessary as it pertains to the particular compounds utilized to see how they affect other organizations utilizing this material.

As our product is new to the market we have a global advantage. Our product will be the first unit capable of delivering the services offered. This offers us the ability to build the global economy of our products. Of course our ability to deliver is dictated by the increases in import taxes abroad. Costs of obtaining goods required for the construction of our product will also be influenced by the economy of those countries. While development of the product will take place here in the United States, local import taxes for the chemical compounds used in the manufacturing process will also hinder success. Potential threats will arrive if issues arise with the delivery of our goods based upon global economic factors.

The Legal and Regulatory factors that came into play provide our organization with a boost. As most legal and regulatory decisions are made in the best interest of the consumer our product will be able to utilize legal documents to support our marketing campaigns. This may also come to the point that safety regulations could mandate our equipment to be installed with all child safety seats. With our device having a paten we potentially can communicate with multiple car seat designers and install our product with them. These regulations also pose a threat to the organizations financials. Costs of testing and conditioning our product to not only meet regulations but also exceed them will make a dent into our initial profits. Costs may pose a threat to our ability to operate at the high capacity necessary to meet demands of the product.

Legal questions pose a major threat to our organization. Our device may face an unknown number of lawsuits if the device is not used properly. Instructions must be clear on the device that this is for safety purposes only and not a substitute for removing your child or cooling that car utilizing the vehicles own cooling mechanisms. While our product should not fail in the event of an emergency, extended use of the product my cause the ineffectiveness of our product to work to its maximum potential. While this is a worst case scenario our division will need to be prepared to handle this issue.

While our device is pretty simple in design and clearly designed to simple use the need to adapt to an ever-changing market will require an understanding of all sectors of the organization to be ready for adaptation. New products may become available and require a shift in product design. A research team will continuously be available and performing vital research for these changes. We will need to be prepared for new lines of competition. However, this can be limited by ensure quality of product through rigorous tests as well as saturating the market from introduction stages.

Some of the issues that will arise that our company must face is that of product reliability through innovation and technology. As stated above our product is a relatively simple product with the internal workings already designed and being utilized in other fields. The fact that this product brings all these assets together to work in one product brings the challenges of ensuring the technology is compatible and maintains an operational readiness throughout the life of the product. The concerns rely on the knowledge that heat has a tendency of crippling even state of the art space computers and our simple design will need to meet that challenge head


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