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Social Business Model

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is 300 million dollars in a year. As you see the number, sanitary pad market is large enough. Also, if we consider that the menstruation is a fate for the women, the market is stable.

25. Based on this sustainability, the market size of sanitary pad vending machine is also large. There was a survey about ‘If sanitary pad vending machine is installed, how often are you going to use?’. In this question, about 81% of respondents showed positive reactions toward installing the machine.

26. And now, this matrix shows who can be our competitors. We set two standards as embarrassment and social importance. We judged that our firm is socially and emotionally superior compared to the other firms, so that we have a big differentiated points and can get a good image from the consumers.

27. Next is marketing plan. We set our plan in a two ways. One is the enhancement of brand image and the other is using an application.

28. To enhance our brand identity, We will design a logo with social mean and put it on the vending machine so that everyone awares of the thoughtful meaning every time they buy sanitary napkins.

29. We will also put our catch phrases, ‘buy needs, fill needs’ to the top of the vending machine. By designing our logo and catch phrases, we ought to draw customers to join us with social movements.

30. Also, we will design our vending machine to be much more fancy than conventional sanitary pad machine, so that we can capture the eye of the customers.

31. And we will create the application which has five great functions. First, we offer woman’s menstrual cycle calendar service to keep track on their period. Also, we are receiving the feedbacks from girls through the app to customizing the needs they want.

32. Third, we also show the exact location of vending machine. Furthermore, we provide service of female-only hospital locations. Lastly, we make customer communities to conversate each other through app.

33. And about promotion. We separated our business promotion into two types that are promotion about profitable business and essential business.In a regard to the profitable business, we will sell our product to the ordinary women, so we will design our vending machine to be seem cool. By design the machine fancy, we expect that design becomes an issue in the SNS so that our machine can be popular.

34. In matter of the essential business promotion, we will distribute our flyers to the middle school and high school which are located in Seodaemun District so that other low-income girls who did not know about our business can engage.

35. This is our summarized monthly cost-revenue structure. The rent expense is for renting the space of the restrooms, and other expenses include maintenance cost, mobile application operating cost, depreciation and so on. We expect the operating profit to be 31%.

36. Our social impacts are considered of 2 measurements. Increasing in the number of beneficiary girls and increasing in the interests in sanitary napkin supports through partnership with manufacturing companies.

37. Our social impacts are dividing into 3 stages with 2 measurements to identify social impacts. First measurement is expansion degree of the regular donation for low-income girls. For the beginning stage, we plan to have 50 regular donations for low-income girls. In 5 years later, we expand to 200, and from 10 years, we set our goals to 1300 girls. Second measurement is the number of sanitary napkin companies which are engaged in social issue. For the beginning stage, we start with P&G partnership. In 5 years later, we are increasing our partnership with P&G, LG생활건강, 유한 킴벌리. In 10 years, we wil expanding our pools to 5 major companies.

38. Finally, we will present our business’ ‘next steps’. For the profitable business part, or business is to permit license to other people so that we can expand our business without we’re direct control, and expand our business Pauchon to overseas for examples, America and China whose also lack of vending machines. Then, for the essential business part, we are going to run sex education actively for low-income girls and furthermore, we are going to provide free gynecological examination and surgery for low-income girls who are in need so that we can help them more directly by treating them.


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