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Bus475: Final Business Model and Strategic Plan

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Monitoring and Controlling the Strategic Plan

Ensuring that the strategic plan is monitored and controlled will be key in making sure its overall success is achieved. There are several different methods that can be used to ensure the monitoring is being done. The first and most important is to place someone ahead of this task so that there can be accountability if issues arise. By doing this, this person will make sure to check over things and monitor closely to throw up red flags and reward for positive things as well. The next method that can be used is a weekly check in's to evaluate where things stand. This will allow for the team as a whole to evaluate if the methods they are using to improve and maintain things are actually working or if changes are needed. By doing this on a weekly basis it will allow for issues to be caught early on and addressed quickly keeping them from getting out of hand. The last and final method that will be used is open communication between everyone in the company. Allowing for each employee to feel as though they have a voice will allow for them to remain happy while also not feeling afraid to raise red flags. Utilizing all of these methods will ensure that they obtain the success they are looking for.


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