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The International University – Vietnam National University – Hcmc

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- Satisfy host country customers

- Satisfy home country customers

- Cut costs

- Meet the weird needs of weirdos

12. The primary role of an expat manager in an international projector MNE should be

- Learn

- Coordinate

- Train

- Imitate

13. MNEs which were successful in foreign markets were observe to maintain

- Only self distribution channel

- Only local distributors’ channel

- Both self distribution channel and that of local distributors

- Channel of distributors coming from another country

14. To avoid being over-dependent to partners in strategic alliances, an MNE should not

- Absorb critical knowledge the partners possess

- Develop own firm-specific advantages

- Share the critical know-how it possesses to create advantages for partners

- Save costs of production

15. Investment banks tend to

- Oppose M&A

- Be indifferent to M&A

- Support M&A

- Dislike M&A

Short essay questions (70 points)

1. From different theories, give 3 examples with explanation to show that competitive advantages may not be easily transferred from one country to another or from headquarters to subsidiaries. (15 points)

2. Why it is said that “core competencies, when transferred to another market, may not work at customer-end part of the value chain?” Give an example to illustrate your explanation. (15 points)

3. How is a “black hole” subsidiary characterized? What is the role of a black hole following Bartlett and Ghoshal’s classification? Give an example. (10 points)

4. Levitt’s idea of “globalization” advocates for standardization. Please show with examples, however, that MNEs have good reasons to rather follow the strategy of customization (or local responsiveness) than standardization. (15 points)

5. With a real case of strategic alliance in one the industries of car, airlines, fast food, pharmaceuticals, films, or whatever it is, identify and describe an alliance-specific advantage. Can the partners enjoy it after the alliance agreement comes to an end? (15 points)


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