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Chinese Universities Should Require Military Training

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students sit through lectures and go through drills. Most of the drills involve emergency response techniques, such as responding to a fire or a natural disaster, which help students take theories into practice and is both practical and beneficial to them (Wang). A recent survey conducted by China Youth Daily and www. sina. com revealed that 97 percent of 1,510 people polled had undergone military training at university, and 69 percent enjoyed such an unforgettable experience (Wang). Military training is not actually a nightmare to all students. 51.1 percent agreed that military training, an amazing experience develops their will and spirit, while only 15.6 percent considered it as a painful or hard torture (Wang). Dressing in military-style fatigues, with their young and energetic face, students formed a beautiful scene and actively training aroused students’enthusiasm and vigor.

It is available and effective o enhance their health and mental strength through training sessions including military boxing, marching, doing push-ups and so on. The official statistics from Beijing Municipal Bureau of Sports indicate that the physique of students is on the decline and an increasing number of children are becoming obese (Zhang). To some extent, it is not the rigorous exercises but the poor physical fitness that makes them completely exhausted and painful during military training. Some training courses may be boring and tiring, but they are wholesome and reasonable for students to enhance their body strength and refine their will. Most of those who assert to abolish military training may lack the endurance to overcome the tough drills, while one of the purposes of training is to improve their mental strength. That is partly why military training plays an essential part of college life, shaping the college students’characters.

Although military training is tough and rigorous, it should be maintained considering the serious fact that the physical qualities of the young generation have been declining for decades (Zhang). Military training is the first lesson of university life to help students make the transition from high school to university. After military training, students are becoming more and more confident and resilient in the new environment through cooperating with partners, establishing sincere friendship with them and overcoming various difficulties during hard training (Wang ). Furthermore, military training is a positive step to steel young people, who have supposedly been spoiled as the single child of their parents. Living in the comfortable environment and protected by parents all the time is harmful for him because it is unavoidable for everyone to experience torture. Therefore, how to make it better and function well rather than canceling it is currently what our country and citizens should consider.


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