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Strategic Development for Fit Girl Training

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Deliverable to:


Anthony (advisor)

- Proposal (due November 5th, 2013)

- Work Plan (final due January 6th, aim to have done by December 16th, 2014)

- Business Plan (final due March 14th)

- Pitch (final due April 14th)

Robin (client)

- Core competency and competitive analysis (how Robin can create a sustainable competitive advantage/differentiate Fit Girl)

- Ideal pricing structure

- New promotion strategy

- Review and assessment of 2014 budget

- Size of loan required to obtain new space and feasibility of obtaining loan

- Detailed business plan (all deliverables will be included in the business plan due March 14th)

- Resources required to launch clothing line and food prep service (ONLY if time allows)

Application of MBA Concepts:

MBA Topic

Concepts to be used

Financial Accounting

- Ratio analysis

- Cash flow analysis

- Benchmarking and industry comparisons

Finance Fundamentals

- Interest rates

- Rate of return on investments

- Cost of equity and cost of debt

Finance Strategy

- Pro forma income statements

- Pro forma balance sheets

- Pro forma cash flows

- Assessing financing need and feasibility of loans

Business Strategy

- Developing strategy that is sustainable and aligned with vision and mission

- SWOT analysis

- Porter’s 5 forces

- Core competencies


- Product, Place, Promotion, Pricing

- Market analysis

- Consumer analysis

- Competitive analysis

- Channel analysis (online vs in person)

Project Management

- Project planning and scheduling

Communication Plan with Advisor/Work Plan:

Communication Activity/Deliverable


Details (length, follow up, etc)


Biweekly communications

2nd and 4th week of each month

about 30min on phone

will start in second week of January

First draft of work plan

Submit 12/12/2013

Review by 12/15/2013 (phone or email)


First draft of business plan

Submit 3/7/2014

Review by 3/11/2014 (phone and email)

First draft of slide deck

Submit 4/4/2014

Review by 4/7/2014 (phone and email)

Final review of Pitch

Submit 4/9/2014

Review by 4/11/2014 (phone or email)


- Kezia can call Anthony for a quick discussion but most communications will be arranged prior to phone call

- All times and dates for review of work by phone will be set up in the days prior to the activity as per Kezia and Anthony’s schedules

- Edits to drafts submitted can be returned by email and/or discussed on the phone if needed (as assessed by Kezia and Anthony)

- The length of each communication will vary depending on what needs to be discussed

- Any work that Kezia wishes to have reviewed will be submitted to Anthony by email at least two days before feedback is required

Project Schedule:

Time Estimate (Work)

Time Estimate (Duration)


Target Start

Target Finish

External Resources

Estimate in Hours

Estimate in Days

Activities and Milestones


891 Deliverables








Robin Prest


Work Plan





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