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Employee Training as Human Capital Development at Pt. Wijaya Karya

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Throughout 2012, WIKA was success to complete many power plant projects, such as, 60MW Borang Gas Power Plant, 21MW Rengat Gas Engine Power Plant, 34MW Ambon Diesel Power Plant.

There are more development happened on 2013, such as, established a joint venture PT Prima Terminal Petikemas together with PT Pelindo I (Persero) and PT Hutama Karya (Persero), acquired PT Sarana Karya (Persero) shares was owned by Indonesian Government, established new joint venture, PT WIKA Kobe and PT WIKA Krakatau Beton through WIKA Beton subsidiaries, and had done shares buyback for 6.018.500 shares with the average price Rp. 1.706, 77,. Being a government-controlled company, Wika's primary customer is the government of Indonesia as well as other Indonesian state-owned enterprises (SOE). However, the vast growth of Indonesia’s economy also impacted on growth of the construction industry in the private sector. This growth allowed Wika to expand its target markets from the government and other SOE companies to the private sector.

Moreover, Wika has extended its target market from Indonesia to other developing countries. The company has participated in projects in the Middle East and North Africa (Iraq, Algeria and Libya), as well as several other countries in the Asia Pacific (Timor Leste, Brunei Darussalam and Myanmar).

(Source: WIKA official website; Business Pillars)

III.2. Corporate Vision, Mission, and Values

The Corporate Vision is to be one of the best integrated EPC (Engineering Procurement & Construction) and Investment Company in Southeast Asia. Whereas the Missions are:

- Providing excellent and integrated products and services in EPC and investment for infrastructure, building, energy, industrial plant, concrete industry and property.

- Satisfying the expectation of key stakeholders.

- Implementing Business Ethics to be Good Corporate Citizen and Promote Corporate Sustainability.

- Strategic Overseas Expansion.

- Implementing “Best Practices” Integrated Management System.

Aligned with its vision and mission, WIKA constantly prioritizes on its clients, accomplishment, positive image, and capability to come up with a commercial performance for healthly and going growth, while at the same time serves all stakeholders’ best interest. Therefore, WIKA holds on to the motto “Spirit of Innovation”, and empowers its Corporate Values based in these principles:

- Commitment: Act with strong commited and promised.

- Innovation: Apply something new.

- Balance: Keep steady stage in all aspect.

- Excellence: Give better result.

- Relationship: Connect good partnership among the stakeholder.

- Team-Work: Create sinergy, cooperation inter and across bussiness units.

- Integrity: Behave totality and sincerely to comprise the fairness, accountability, transparency and honestly.

(Source: WIKA Annual Report 2016)

III.3. Human Capital in PT. Wijaya Karya, Tbk.

To WIKA, every employee is considered as human capital. The concept of human capital adopted by the company recognizes that the quality of employees can be improved by investing in them and providing them with competencies, knowledge, attributes, and abilities, embodied in the ability to perform labor so as to produce economic value through providing a suitable development program.

The leadership factor plays the biggest role in determining the company’s performance and success. For that reason, WIKA believes that a leader shall be created intentionally through a series of development programs, trainings or systematic assignments in WIKA’s Advance Leadership Program that provides all aspects of hard and soft competency in “Wikapratama Learning Center” and “Wikasatrian Leadership Center”.

In addition to the good qualities of the leaders, the best work ethic and values of local wisdom are also adopted to be applied in the company’s good governance with the aim to improve the competitiveness in order to face the global challenge.

“Wikasatrian” is a leadership training center provided by WIKA for soft competency development of its potential employees. Located in Desa Pasir Angin, Gadog, West Java, “Wikasatrian leadership center” is founded using the local wisdom in the form of “wayang”, a traditional Javanese puppet. This leadership training is provided through experimental learning wherein each participant can experience and learn about the essence of life and work values. Each trainee is expected to become virtuous leader who is strong, able to improve team work, and is capable to deliver excellent performance. In addition to that, they will give the best contribution to the company as well as to Indonesia, as the company’s major shareholder.

The Transformational Leadership, a leadership program arranged by WIKA is under the motto “Proud to be an Indonesian Leader”. They are expected to become “Manusia WIKA” who is persistent, adaptable and willing to learn. Each program is created to generate candidates of leaders so they can give real contribution to the company and environment by upholding cultures and local wisdom in coherence with the development of their hard and soft competency. WIKA also gives reward to employees with good performances.

WIKA’s continuous growth has brought consequences to the company in implementing its management of human resources as human capital. The management of human capital implementation will support the achievement of corporate vision to become the best company in engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) and investment in Southeast Asia. The managerial implementation of human capital is important considering that employees have strategic functions for WIKA.

In its execution, its implementation always goes along with meeting the employees well being, holding development programs, which includes holding training and education activities. In implementing the human capital management in which every employee is the company’s asset, the rating concept is used to manage the employees. Rating someone means recognizing an individual as a complete human being in terms of physique and psychology. Rating an individual as a complete human being is believed to


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