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World War 2 Military Leader Paper

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A big part of World War II was that of whomever was going to have air superiority was the side that was going to have a clear advantage in all forces of the war. They would have the air support necessary to provide protection and make things a little bit easier for the ground forces when they were in battle. They also had the ability to keep the other side from having that air support or be able to reduce that fact at least. But the danger of the aircraft to other countries there were many other technological advancements to help protect themselves from the aircraft bombing these countries. One example would be radar. Radar was created in response to the multiple bombings suffered by England when the German and Soviet forces were constantly bombing the English. Then there were long range jets that were able to sustain fuel long enough to protect the bomber planes as they went on bombing runs. Before those planes were made there were heavy losses on the American side of the war. These also helped for the allied forces to gain air superiority by making so the bombers could safely fly deep into Germany and destroy aircraft production facilities.

As you can see aircraft had a huge part in this war. They basically started the war for the United States and then they were a huge part in ending the war as well with the allies having air superiority. They also were the cause of people making many different things that are still used today such as radar.


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