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Impact of World War II on Civilians

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by the United Nations convention on the December 9, 1948.

For the 12 years, that Germany was under the hand of the Nazi Party, one idea continued to come back up;; this belief that there was one common enemy and that they had to eliminate it by all need, to be able to flourish and survive. The selection of time to time enemies included Gypsies, Russians, Poles, Homosexuals and all the people they considered as inferior (mentally sick people), but always and most centrally, the Jews. At every stage of the war, the Germans used their military and scientifically superiority to try to keep up with their Plan. The historian, Jacob Talman, has pointed out the major difference between the Holocaust and all other massacres in human history.

"Never since the dawn of history had the world witnessed such a campaign of extermination. This was not an explosion of Religious fanaticism; not a wave of pogroms, the work of incited mobs running amok or led by a ring leader; not the riots of a soldiery gone wild or drunk with victory and wine; not the fear-wrought psychosis of revolution or civil war that rises and subsides like a whirlwind. It was none of these. An entire nation was handed over by a ’legitimate’ government to murderers organized by the authorities and trained to hunt and kill, with one single provision, that everyone, the entire nation be murdered - men and women, old and young, healthy and sick and paralyzed, everyone, without any chance of even one of those condemned to extermination escaping his fate.

After they had suffered torture, degradation, and humiliation inflicted on them by their tormentors to break them down, to rob them of the last shred of human dignity, and to deprive them of any strength to resist and perhaps of any desire to live, the victims were seized by the agencies of the state and brought from the four corners of Hitlerite Europe to the death camps to be killed, individually or in groups, by the murderers bullets over graves dug by the victims themselves, or in slaughterhouses constructed especially for human beings. For the condemned, there was no judge to whom to appeal for a redress of injustice; no government from which to ask protection and punishment for the murderers; no neighbor on whose gate to knock and ask for shelter; no God to whom to pray for mercy. It is in all this that this last campaign of extermination differs from all the other massacres, mass killings, and bloodshed perpetrated throughout history. The Holocaust visited on the Jews is different from all other earlier massacres in its conscious and explicit planning, in its systematic execution, in the absence of any emotional element in the remorselessly applied decision to exterminate everyone, but everyone; in the exclusion of any possibility that someone, when his turn came to be liquidated, might escape his fate by surrendering, by joining the victors and

collaborating with them, by converting to the victors faith, or by selling himself into slavery in order to save his life. » (1)

From the writing Mein Kampf, in 1924, Hitler had always had one plan in mind, eliminate all the Jews and inferior races from the surface of the earth. It will take him less than ten years, to plan. Throughout the years he got the chance to try different methods (such as the Shoah by gun), until he found the fastest, most effective killing machine, the gas chambers.

Hitler, who was brought up in a antisemitic world, was so obsessed by this master plan he had, it seems it made him loose the war.

This explains the fact, that 6 million Jews, and 5 million of other inferior races, died in those rooms; giving the sense of being hopeless to the survivors. As well as a sense of being abandoned by their home land, (e.g. Ethnic Germans, Jews) therefor emigrate.

IV- There are so many other reasons why civilians were impacted so much, but it seems that these points group up the general idea at the time for both the civilians on the British Home front, and the life of the Jews who were nearly scattered, because of what they are.

This idea comes back to the very present topic of religion endways of religion; killing in the name of god, people who don’t think/act/talk like you. We might not of talked

about it enough but this subject comes back to the question of migrants coming from counties where there lives is put in danger ( can be put in parallel to the tens of million migrants after WWII). Finally we can easily compare Churchill’s action of strategic bombing, to the useless attacks the International Coalition has against ISIS/Islamic State.


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