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Modern History World War II Creative Writing

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walk home without anyone noticing, trying to be sneaky taking off my armband and keeping my eyes to the ground,. My luck must’ve been bad, as one of the soldiers caught me taking it off. What followed was a quick pursuit and public humiliation as the soldiers picked me up, like I was a piece of trash, and dumped me into one of the trucks going to the Ghetto. The door was shut behind me, and I was pushed to the back as people pushed against the doors of the truck, desperately trying to search for an escape route. I spent the journey rocking myself back and forth, cowering beneath men who were growing angrier by the minute. Their actions became more violent, and they began turning against one another. I watched as punches were thrown, people were kicked, scratched, heck, one puny man was even thrown across the truck.

The truck soon came to a halt and soldiers unloaded us, one by one. We were pushed into a rough line, and one by one, we were marked off. They asked for our names and ages, and hurled us into the gates. I watched as man after man disappeared behind the boundaries of the wall, each with a mask of fear plastered to their face.

The fear in my own stomach grew as I was pushed to the front of the line. A soldier grabbed me by the scruff of my neck. “Tell them your name boy” he spat in my ear, as he glared at me like I was the scum on the bottom of his shoe. “Samuel Steinmann,” I told him, The SS officer writing down the names glanced at me skeptically, before writing it down. The soldier then released his grip on me, only to push me into two other soldiers. With a firm grip on both my arms, they began to lead me through the gates. I stopped resisting when i realised, they didn’t care who died, they would rather just kill me right there and then.

1941, May 2nd

That was almost a year ago now. Since then I haven’t seen the outside of the wall, nor my mother, who I searched everywhere for in the Ghetto, who knows...maybe she made it out, maybe she’s looking for me right now. This last year i’ve been living in one room with 5 children and Jette and Mendel. I knew them quite well, We’ve been together since the first day in this hell-hole .Ever since then we’ve been scavenging, smuggling, staying alive, all together, if it wasnt for them id surely be dead already. Today we helped some other kids, try and smuggle food into the Ghetto through small holes in the wall but they were shot by fuc*in* Germans. TO begin with, official food supplies were so scarce it would’ve been impossible for us to survive this long without widespread smuggling. They just want us dead they don’t care how, whether its starvation or disease. And well it was working Hundreds of bodies piling up on the streets every month. Bodies everywhere. Dead adults, dead children. Just laying on the streets like they’re lives meant nothing. As soon as night fell today, more smugglers set out as soon as the candles were lit, signalling the way was clear to move.

1942, may 28

It’s been a year now. four of the kids that were living with us. They got a disease and all eventually died from getting no treatment, or food. We shared a bit of our food with them, but we barely had enough to survive ourselves. Jette, Mendel and I have started to join the smugglers smuggle food into the ghettos. It’s a dangerous job, but on the other side either we starve to death. Mendel keeps a lookout from the top of the wall, while me and Jette would go to set point near the ghetto where others helping us would’ve left food, water and small supplies to carry back. People are being shot right in front of us, children starve to death everyday. Yet somehow life goes on.

1942, July 29

Probably the last time I write anything. Today i’m in the corner of a freight train, writing with the help of a tiny hole bringing me the slightest bit of light. The germans had been forcing hundreds of people everyday from the Ghetto into these god damned trains for days, hundreds and hundreds every day, who knows where they might take us. Maybe they’ll just gas us in these trains and burn our bodies. we’ve been traveling for quite a while, they haven’t given us any food or water what so ever. Maybe we’ll just starve to death. But I think we all knew we were to die soon enough, whether it’d be in the train or outside by the Nazis. I can’t tell if i’m the lucky one or the unlucky one. Jette and Mendel are still at the Ghetto as far as I know maybe they escaped. Maybe..maybe they didn’t.

I took a picture before leaving the Ghetto.

1942, July 30

The train has finally stopped, idk what’s going to happen to us now. I took one last picture before they took my camera from me.. One of the soldiers will probably take my diary and everything else I have which well isn’t much to start with. Who knows maybe they’ll just imprison us in this dumb “Treblinka”. but they already did have us imprisoned in the Ghetto. how much worse could it possibly get.



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