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Outdoors Training: A New Way to Train New Organizations

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Global Management Consultants is the company where I was working as an intern for my previous placement in Dubai.

Global is one of the leader of the GCC [a]market as a training and human resources consulting firm.

It has been delivering and structuring human resources services, such as training programs, software for human resources solution and service for recruitment.

The unique approach that Global ha, is to the customer needs customizing all the type of services, because being a service and consulting firm, customer requirements is the major aim.

This is explained in the Global’s Mission that says: “Striving to make a difference, effectively and profitably at all times, towards business and individuals”


All other ethical aspects regarding Global are included in vision because philosophy is that gain a respectful and optimistic customer relationship where each organization has to work with their employees harmony and through reward systems is possible to achieve. Most of all this should be spread at all levels without distinction between senior levels and bottom line.

The balance should be between the organization’s values and the ethical sense on one side, and the aspirations and ethical values of the people who performed in the organization n the other.

We can say that once an organization achieves this balance the employees and all the stakeholders match and evaluate this balance, and the productivity and the probable performance achievement could be efficiently obtainable.


The strengths of Global Management Consultant the development and the implementation of the oriented results and the changing in the strategic decision that allow the firm to achieve goals and objectives.

The trainers work very close the customer to understand and customize as much as possible the service that Global deliver.

Global do not offer a line of training products, but they use their experience in the real world to align customer requirements with the business environment.

Combing the training and the development alining customers goals with the key factor of the diversity of skills the consultants have, means that they can help the clients increas the focus o the aim with the integration. This aims to build a long- term consequence and not just a temporary period of success.


The employees who work for Global have a wide range of experience in all fields to meet the customer requirements focusing n the best decisions. Because of the high level of expertise they insert the Fun” element in training and programs they deliver because it is known that people can learn and act better when they enjoy while they are working. Another important aspect of the trainers is that they are used to work for multinational companies usually in an international environment, and this match with all the companies’ missions and cultural ethic.

In this way they receive a high level of credibility applying all their experience to the real world not using theory. Their high standard skills allow their consulting to align and underl the issue that arise during the development process. After this, it is possible to create a balance with this king of information that given back to the clients to make the work more successful.

The aim is to help other firms at international level to reach their objectives with the intermigration in their own mission through different steps:

1) First of all the consultants try to understand the specific objectives the firm asking to achieve and the consequent mission.

2) Once the information understood is possible to create and to provide the customers with an integration of consulting and training services.

3)Help to aim the business objective of the clients through a customization of the programme regarding customer requirements

4) Creation of a long-term relationship with the customers instead of a short term one.

“In short, Global Management Consultants have the practical skills and experience to assist you in reducing time and costs by developing attitude, emotional intelligence and productivity of your employees.”

The training programs delivered by Global emphasis on the following parts of human development:

LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM OUTLINE Global provides customized leadership development programs, both in-house and as public programs in the area of:

What are the development plan components?

The program will feature the following:

- Training workshops raining tests and scoring roduct quizzes ork based project assignments

- Personal life assignments nscape profiling for all delegates xecutive coaching ersonal coaching and counseling onsultancy throughout the duration of the project eedback on individual cases nowledge transfer and training standard



“Every shape to authentic instruction cross through the experience.” J.Dewey.

Always more often in the last years, we listen speaking about lifelong learning, new ways of trainings that are structured on experience instead of theory.

They are method, defined by many people “innovative methods”, but that are not so innovative if we thing that the learning founded on practical experience is th one played by the children in their first years of life, when they explore the surrounding reality, using all senses.

Before go deeply into the argument is better if we stop on the complex situation of learning and of general learning.

How could we give a meaning to such wide and multi-shape term, like “learning”?

There is a huge quantity of texts and books that try to explain this meaning most of the time in contradiction with each other.

The difficulty includ this multiplicity


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