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- Technology Problems

When it comes to communications, technology is the engine for that topic. Computers and mobile technology drive interaction in many cases. A sales representative often uses technology to connect with their clients. These forms of communication only work if the technology works and the employees involved know how to use it. Defective equipment, weak tools and poor training for the employees can cause communication breakdowns.

- Poor Performance of the employees of other departments

One of the roles of human resource department is to organize and manage its employees so that they can be as productive as possible and high productivity is equals to more revenue. According to the university of Arizona, division of human resources and uptal vaishnav, a blogger, here are the causes of poor performance of the employees

- Ineffective leadership

When the team is not performing well, the leader is going to be questioned. He has a greater responsibility on the team. to bring out the best of all the employees working for him. The leader must be openly communicate to its subordinates so that it provides constructive feedback that may lead to a positive workplace culture.

- Unclear/ Unfair Expectations

Poor performance may occur when a immediate supervisor and employee has a misunderstanding about expectations. The immediate supervisor should make expectations as measurable as possible. Unreasonable expectations may lead to poor performance of the employee due to competing priorities, unexpected changes and inefficient processes.

- Workplace conflict

Conflict with a immediate supervisor may result in a poor performance in the department. Conflict may be result of such things like divergent work styles, misunderstanding about how work should perform or the employee is not a team player or unwillingness to work as a team.

- Personal or family issues

If a strong employee who is a team player, a strong performer in the organization then suddenly the employee’s performance decline due to lost of focus at work, appears moody or irritable, the employee’s problem maybe in its family.

- Motivations for the staffs

Employee motivation is a continuing challenge at work. According to Susan Heathfield a Human resources expert, Employee motivations describes an employee’s intrinsic enthusiasm about and drive to accomplish work. Every work is motivated about something in his or her life. But every person has different motivations in order for them to work. We all work because we obtain something in that company that we need for our lives, that something we obtain from work gives us the impact for our morale and motivation and quality for our lives. To cut it short, as managers we should ask our people, what do they want from work?

But motivational problems can lead to performance issues that can lead to a bad profitability for the company, a lack of motivation can lead to delays in the employees completion of work and a simple mistake of that employee may lead to an expensive negative result. According to Billie Nordmeyer of demand media these is the reasons why workers have motivational problems.

- Low self-confidence

Confidence is a key part of employee’s motivation. The employee believes that he can perform the tasks efficiently and effective in order to achieve his goals. It contributes to his willingness to complete the tasks given to him. But if the employee has a low self-confidence, he feels unworthy and he is unable to make critical decisions or remain motivated until an objective is accomplished. Having low self-confidence, the employee is unable to work properly, unable to form good work relationships, which are important if the employee is to be successful in the workplace.

- Low Expectations for success

Positive expectations of success give the employee the motivation to work harder. If the employer has high expectations for an employee, he will assigned the employee for tasks to be work on. With that, the employee’s self esteem and the employee’s confidence will increase while performing his job. With high self – confidence, the employee will be more motivated and will have the willingness to accept a bigger rule and future challenging tasks. However, with a low expectations of the employer to his employee. The employee will remain unmotivated and will not perform and the employer will less likely to provide tools and equipment necessary for the employee to accomplish a work task, further diminishing the employee’s motivation.

- Fear of failure

If an employee fears failure, he will avoid certain tasks that he is not confident to finish it. The more the employee fears failure, the less motivated he will be to perform to finish a task because it is easier to avoid tasks than experiencing shame due to his failure to complete a task.

- Lack of interest in subject matter

An interested employee will be curious about a task and attempt to perform it well. But with a low interest can be a result of decreased motivation to work and the failure to accomplish the goal. If the employee is not interested in his particular task, the employee will not fully engage into the task but he will focus on elsewhere.

- Poor Customer Service

No organization wants an unsatisfied customer, but unfortunately most of the organizations have these types of issues. According to Lee Iwan, Michal Kouril these is the causes of poor performance in the organization.

- No Training

Companies sometimes disregard the training of its employees, especially the new employees, of course the newly employee will depend on its co – worker’s style on working with its customers, of course an untrained worker may have to call for help frequently. With these problems it may result to low confidence when dealing with customers or simply not work at all because of a lack of knowledge regarding what to do.

- Not enough workers

Poor Customer service is often result of not having enough staffs and workers for the job. Without enough employees to work for its customer’s needs, the workers may intend to rush the work without reviewing the work if it


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