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Effect on Social and Academic Life for Following European Club Football on Male University Students of Dhaka

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There are some insane fans who can be termed as ‘’Dictionary of football’’ follow their supporting club intimately. These clubs usually have two games on average per week along with two to three football critic show or interview which are also followed closely by fans. These shows consume a lot of time from life of a student plus sometimes make a student so addicted to it that they start prioritizing football over study. Metcalfe, Burgess and Proud (2011) mentioned in “reduction in student effort” that students tend to perform poor in examination during major football tournaments. Just before 5years it was true for European nations only but now this make sense in perspective of Bangladesh as well.

European club football also has the potential to create violence in the form of hooliganism and “physical contest”. ( “Body, sport”, 2011 ). It indicates that during 1980s and 1990s the people of England were involved in high level of football hooliganism. This may be a result of the emotional release of supporter. A club losing a game and supporters get violent on the supporters of the team which beat them. The impact of hooliganism had put English Football under threat. ( “Body, sport”, 2011 ).

“Football can affect emotion” suggests football has impact on a person’s emotion and relationship with others. ( “Football and mental health”. n.d.). It also mentions about some fans saying football is one of the most important things in their lives. It suggests football can also affect self-esteem. “Fans separate groups and teams into social categories” and they make themselves set to the group which seem to be their side ( “Football and mental health”. n.d.). Football commentators have suggested that for “some fans supporting football provides an opportunity to re-enact the ritual of battle”. This can lead to extreme violence and such incidents are very common in European countries. It also mentions the possible hooligans are “generally young, in their teens or 20s”. ( “Football and mental health”. n.d.). On the other hand it states that football provides an opportunity to communicate with others. People having common interest i.e. supporting the same club can “exchange views”. This provides a strong reason to meet up on regular basis. People from all classes and backgrounds can communicate with each other without thinking of any boundaries between them. It clearly suggests football is a topic on which people will always have a say and in this way they connect with other side ( “Football and mental health”. n.d.).

Also, fans are crazy over the goodies related to football like the ball itself, jersey, shorts, shin pads, boots, training kit and many others. Sports Joe ( 2016) stated ‘’ Wages of £250,000 per week for Zlatan seems a fortune for rival fans but the club earned revenue of £100 million in the first month of signing Zlatan from selling his autographed jerseys, boots and photos with fans’’.


While conducting the research, I have tried to decipher if European club football play an important role in life of students along with the benefits they earn from it to understand if club football affects their life in any aspects positively or negatively.

Next, I will investigate about their opportunity cost of following the club football. Alongside, I will also try to find out daily changes or adjustments they need to make to follow their supporting club.

Then, I will move forward to understand if following the club football has any emotional or mental affect on them. Also, I will try to see if this has any consequences on university courses or social relationship.

Next, I will extend my research to find out if university students get involve in any kind of fighting, tussle or cold wars with their close people, friends or peer and also I look into how it affect their social appearance.

Lastly, I will try to figure out to which extent following club football cost students financially and if it in turn affects the social as well as academic life of a student which is the prime concern of my research.


Following European club football can be entertaining but opportunity cost for doing so will be expensive. From my research, I expect to find that male university students who follow European club football are damaging themselves both socially and academically. I think it plays an important role in their life as they consider it as great passion and love. It is expected that they have to make changes and sacrifices in their daily life. Also, I expect they have to spend a lot of time following European club football and it imposes a adverse impact on their social relationships as they are expected to communicate less with other people which may include their own family members or peer groups. I also think their academic path is also badly affected as they devote their time into their love and passion for the game. Social appearance is also expected to be negatively affected and predicted to get into non friendly environment and behavior.


For my primary research, I have conducted a survey of 50 male university students, falls in the age group of 20-28 using Google form. I have asked male people only as they are the group highly interested in the game. The questionnaire designed contained 12 questions, which was used to obtain the necessary data to help me prove my hypothesis. These questions involved questions related to their preferred league, club, time slot of their game. Also they were asked about where do they go to follow the games and if they get in any kind of violence for their supporting club. Questioner also focused on if they prioritize football over study and if it has emotional impact on them. Also it tried to address how to act when they are emotionally hurt by their favorite club. Lastly, questioner looked into the financial aspect of following their favorite club by asking questions like if they want to buy jersey every season and how much are they willing to spend behind the goodies of their favorite club.

For my secondary research, I have gathered information from a number of online articles as well as newspaper articles regarding behavior of insane football fans. Out of all the online articles I have read, the one named ‘’ Student’s effort and tournaments’’ by Metcalfe, Burgess and Proud (2011) helped me a lot to understand about the affect of club football in academic life of a student. Other than that I have seen few YouTube videos regarding the violence related to football. Out of all, one that is worth mentioning is ‘’Block


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