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Universal Learning

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is for students to learn skills and understand the material that they been asked and understand different subject. The program is used to help the children so they can stay on track either with disabilities or without. That’s why for a teacher is very important showing strategy might help draw in and propel a few children, however, bore or baffle others, universal design adaptability in many ways one way is understudies communicate with the material. It likewise gives instructors a chance to tailor the level of trouble of assignments, guaranteeing that every understudy is adequately tested while meeting the general objectives of the lesson(Nancy Firchow MLS,2010).Universal Design of Learning helps teachers to meet the challenges of diversity in the classroom by means of flexible instructional materials, special strategies and techniques. In this case, technology tools help teachers to find individual teaching materials to make the process of learning interesting for all students in the classroom.

How does the teaching fit into it within classrooms.

The universal of learning is very important in the classroom . The teacher might need material for the classroom also, techniques that include these three principles Educational program materials in an electronic organization are the foundation of universal design and offer a lot of adaptability.They are three techniques of principles Educational program materials in an electronic organization are the foundation of universal design and offer a lot of adaptability. Electronic materials can be utilized on and controlled by computers, making it simple to modify the substance to address the issues of various understudies. Variations in presentation can make the same content more available to all understudies, particularly those with learning disabilities. For instance, a social studies content in electronic organization. For example, students can read aloud using screen reading software, can be changed to different print sizes, colors, spacing, or highlighting (helpful for students to see and remember), can be printed as a personalized copy (helpful for most students). These examples can tell the teacher what the student is struggling or if that student doesn’t need help or more services (Nancy Firchow MLS,2010).

The conclusion is that universal design is program that was created to help students at all levels. The programs device are flexible so that they can be used with the widest range of abilities .Another device is compatible with assistive technologies used by those with disabilities. The universal design is very important to use for students who are struggling because all children struggling in different areas. The teacher can work with parents to help the child in different area he or she might not understand .Universal design has helped many students with their academics and also to helped deal them with school service for these children that they need most.


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