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The Cultural Learning of English

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Nowadays English has turned into a necessary tool all around the world therefore anyone who wants to hold a job position or even make contacts needs to know the language. The learning process becomes essential day after day; the study will concern itself with how teachers, during the teaching process, introduce students not just to the language, but to the culture and traditions using as unique tool the morphological knowledge of the language.

This extended essay pretends to answer the following question: “To what extend does learning English as a foreign language allows children from 10 to 12 years old of Unidad Educativa Letort, and Unidad Educativa Isaac Newton to understand the Anglo-Saxon Culture without prejudices?”

We have to remember that the English learning process involves a big range of activities used in the IB class that carry the child into many different situations to solve or use, the study will be carried out by doing a sample of 100 students that are immersed in the EFL classroom.

The focus of the study will be researching about the learning process of Anglo-Saxon culture and English as a Lingua Franca taught in school to Ecuadorian Children by taking into consideration the teaching methods as precise enough to introduce a new individual into a new culture just by the usage of the language and last but not least discovering the component that makes people believe that we as Latin Americans know something about Anglo-Saxon Cultures just from our exposition in school.

Chapter one - The importance of English

1.1 Why do we learn English in Ecuador?

We learn English in Ecuador because it is the global language for business and relationships.[1] (Language, 2015) English has won predominance in many fields, and it becomes essential day past day, this is positive for a multicultural society? It is posting but just in paths and areas like science because it can represent more complex ideas and criteria in simplified ways. But not for literature, in this field many concepts and ideas get lost, according to the CEPR researcher Jacques Mélitz (Centre de Recherche en Economie et Statistique, Paris and CEPR). It's known that English is simply the language that rules the world; it has a pretty practical way to sell products and an awesome facility to make sticky names for brands. We have to remember that English it's a phobic language that can be learned in many ways and it's easy to understand. Then another big reason to learn English is the communication and relationships which can be carried out easily with the language, it's not a secret that if you want to communicate with someone of a different country the practical way to do it will be by the usage of English in the global publishing market to privilege the translation of English fiction and poetry into other languages for reading or listening enjoyment may damage the production of world literature and in this respect make us all worse off.

1.2 The Ecuadorian situation

The current situation of Ecuadorian EFL students.The culturally learning process of English for Ecuadorian children hasn’t been qualified for many years; however the average student of Ecuador got a pretty low knowledge of the culture and language. This phenomenon it’s caused because most of the schools doesn’t stimulate the teachers to taught about culture nor encourage the students to learn the language from a cultural view. This factors do affect in the students life’s as they get a lower acquaintance of data and then they may get confused by prejudices without even knowing the culture, without mentioning the incorrect assignments as they doesn’t have a solid base to support their information.

1.3 A global language

It mainly refers to any language that is learned and employed internationally and it's named not just but its native and second tongue speakers but also for the different places in the world in which this language it's employed, the way in which political matters make the use of the tongue and international organisations use it to communicate and make mentions it's basically a language that can be spoke between similar and different people from all around the world, a language that multi diverse and multicultural people from different basis and ethnicities can employ between each other to trade in equity, learn in similarity and being more unites as human beings. (Tongue, 1990) [2]

Chapter two - The EFL classroom

2.1 Topics brought into the EFL classroom to understand a universal culture.

More and more, English as a Foreign Language (EFL) is being taught in mainstream schools around the world. As part of a larger curriculum of general education, EFL teachers have an opportunity to focus on aspects of learning beyond grammar, vocabulary, and the traditional four skills. With the aim of enriching the language learning experience, some topics are worthy of explanation. "For the experienced EFL teacher, these will not be new, but the purpose of focusing this fact may be able to encourage teachers to give them more importance in their classrooms". (Oxford, 2008) [3]

We all as human beings do require of certain information to understand a topic, but understanding a culture requires of a lot more, according to the book of John Soars students may get involved in different situations that represent the culture of the current language they are learning, therefore the main topics that may be brought into an EFL classroom directly appoint to daily situations that the student would understand and relate immediately to his personal life, in that way he will easily introduce the language as a part of his life, and moreover to a part of his personal culture. (BAKER, 2009)[4]

Activities like games that refer to Anglo-Saxon festivities or even role paying a famous historical character of an English user country may help to the learner to get immediate linked into Anglo facts. Even though most of them this m those are just useful if the applicant it's opened to new content. According to the Oxford University Press it is important to bring the students world into the classroom, understanding the students, at school, at home, their neighbourhood, city, country it's pretty important as they can make relations between the language and their own life's. For that reason Oxford highly recommends to make comparisons with all the language and even the words with abilities that the


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