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English. General Review

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General Review

Name: Perla Denisse Garcia Arevalo

Teacher: Antonio Martinez

School: Escuela Franco Guadalupe

Date: September 11th 2015

Grade: 9°

Code: 913

General Review

Unit 1 and 2

✓Like + ing form

We use like + ing form total about likes and dislikes using the verbs love, like, enjoy, don’t/doesn’t mind, prefer, hate or can’t stand and the ing form of the main verbs(actions).

Exercise: Use like + ing form to write sentences with the information given.

1. - Wash the dishes after dinner I can’t stand washing the dishes after dinner. 2. - Dance at the school festivals I hate dancing at the school festivals. 3. - Do homework at the weekends I don’t mind doing homework at the weekends. 4. - Visit my cousins on holidays I love visiting my cousins on holidays. 5. - Study for the English exams I don’t mind studying for the English exams. 6. - Go to church on Sunday mornings I enjoy going to church on Sunday mornings. 7. - Take my little brother to the bathroom I hate taking my little brother to the bathroom. 8. - Help at home with the house chores I don’t mind helping at home with the house chores. 9. - Help my little brother with his homework I like helping my little brother with his homework. 10. - Read in front of an audience I don’t mind reading in front of an audience.

Exercise: Write the ing form of the verbs.

Be- being become-becoming buy-buying come-coming cut-cutting do-doing drive- driving fly-flying die-dying get-getting chat-chatting study-studying forget- forgetting teach-teaching use-using tie-tying swim-swimming wash-washing fix-fixing see-seeing

✓Prepositions + ing form

After many prepositions we use the ing form of the verbs. We use some adjectives related to feelings followed by different prepositions + ing.

Exercise: Write sentences expressing what you are:

I’m good at doing hairstyles. I’m hopeless at playing the guitar. I’m afraid of jumping from an airplane. I’m keen on planning my fifteen’ journey. I’m interested in learning about cosmetology. I’m serious about studying in Canada.

✓Verbs of ambition + infinitive

We use the verbs want hope, plan, would like or wouldn’t like and the infinitive form of the main verbs (with “to”) to talk about our hopes and plans for the future.

Exercise: Write the sentences

1. - What/she/plan/do/this winter? What she plan to do this winter? 2. - My brother/hope/become a professional soccer player My brother hope to become a professional soccer player. 3. -Martha/would like/study French Martha would like to study French. 4. -Why/Alberto/want/be/ a lawyer? Why Alberto want to be a lawyer? 5. - I/wouldn’t like/be a teacher/I /would like/ be an engineer I wouldn’t like to be a teacher, I would like to be an engineer.


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