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history of English

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History of English


History of English

The development of English can be subdivided into 5 periods:

1. England before the English

(55 BC – 600 AD)

1. Old English

(600 – 1100)

1. Middle English

(1100 – 1500)

1. Early Modern English

(1500 – 1700)

1. Present – Day English

(1700 – Today)

The first Europeans speakers to arrive the land called England where the kills. They were already in the land centuries before Christ.

55 BC – Julio Cesar : the roman empereor make several attendance to invade British. But it was not 50 AC that most of the land was under roman domination.

Henrys Wall represents the bottom line. England became romans western most opost and was graduadly romanacized.

410 AC – Roman regions was drown from British living Cales. The Picts come from the North and the Scots from Island was the Jutes and Saxons attacts.

410 – 600 – the british were coming back to the areas of Cambriane and Wales.


600 – 1100

The origin goes back to the 5th century after Christ. When Saxons, Angles and Jutes invade Britin.

Old English Period is also refer as to Anglo-Saxon English.

Geographical extense was similar to todays England geography.

Inherited morphological properties gorm geormanic and have a relatively free order.

Was synthetic – with numerous and agglutinating tendency.





1100 – 1500

The beginning of the Middle English period coincides with the Battle of Hastings (14 Oct. 1066).

The key event in the Norman Conquest (1066) when William of Normandy after the battle , known as William the Conquer Harold the second in October 1066.

The Norman Conquest brought massive changes to Englands political and social structures and it has an enormous impact on the English language.

ME – Decline

After the norman Conquest English social and political structures under went to dramatic changes such as an enormous complete changes to English aristocracy by a Norman aristocracy.

English lost it stages and became a language of the lower classes. It disappear as a written language from important official documentation.

1204 – marks a point when King John “Lackland” lost his English posessions in France leading to a decline as French as an official language in England.

By 12s and 13s even lower classes learn French as a native language. English become the new media and language instruction.

ME – The Triumph (1358 - 1501)


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