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How Esposure to English Influenced the Oral Proficiency in Students

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How esposure to english influenced the oral proficiency in students



This section of the research has been designed to show the processes to be followed in the research. The methodology chapter consist of the following sections: research approach, type of study, research design, population and sample, research techniques and research instrument, data collection procedure, data analysis, and limitations. The research design of the study is structured as correlational study.

Moreover, the specific type of sampling used is the random sample, because it lets the researchers to obtain the group of people to be studied. In addition, in the instrumentation section the two instruments implemented for each of the variables are described, these are going to be used to collect the information and establish the relationship between both of them. In the data analysis, the researchers made some interpretations with the purpose to establish a relationship between the variables under study. The last part of the methodology is the limitations.

3.1 Research design

In this study the Correlational design was used due to the fact that it involves the investigation of the relationships between and among two variables, rather than direct cause-effect relationships, that will be “the proficiency which students enrolled in the advanced English group 1 have ( oral performance), and the exposure in which they are involved (time used).

A correlational design is part of the non-experimental research design. The reason it is non-experimental is because it does not involve manipulating the variable of interest. The correlational design simply aims to determine the relationship between two variables, as well as how strongly these variables relate to one another. The correlational designed tends to have a high level of external validity, meaning that it can be generalized to a large population, sampiere (2006). Furthermore it can be mentioned also that the type of study was correlational- causal because the researchers sought to determine the relationship between the two variables that are being studied: exposure to English and English proficiency.

3.2 Population and sample

The students from the department of foreign languages located at the University of El Salvador were the population where the researchers were selected the sample of the present investigation. This group of learners, who has been chosen for the sample that were male and female, but the large majority to be consider Was female group which represented the 80% the male group represented the 20% . The range of their ages was 21 years to 30 years of age, and their study schedule was both; morning and afternoon. These English students were taking second year of the bachelor of English with emphasis in teaching at the University of El Salvador.

The population of the investigation was 26 English students in their second year from the bachelor of English with emphasis in teaching, second semester in the year 2015. These students were taking the following English subjects: English advanced 1, linguistic, English advanced grammar and didactics of English ll. This population was taken into account, because they are in the learning process of developing their speaking skills and it was considered that at this point of their studies, they have reached a certain level of English speaking proficiency, therefore they may have acquired the necessary tools to understand and interact with other people in spoken E English.

3.3 Sample procedure

The type of sample and procedure used in the investigation was simple random sampling. Simple random sampling is the basic sampling technique where researchers select a group of subjects (a sample) for study from a larger group (a population). Each individual is chosen entirely by chance and each member of the population has an equal chance of being included in the sample. Every possible sample of a given size has the same chance of selection Valerie J. Easton and John H. McColl's (Statistics Glossary v1.1) due to the type of research and the sample, the researcher used the population of 26 students from the subject of advanced English 1 course.

The sample will be 1 group of advanced English I course of the major in English with Emphasis in teaching; the group is made up of 26 students. To obtain the sample the researchers will work with all students enrolled in the advanced English I Course.

3.4 Data collection instruments

The researchers described in detail the


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