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Will Lowering the Drinking Age Solve the Problem of Binge Drinking Among College Students?

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Binge drinking ( ingles)


Hernan Prieto

Fowler, Paige

ENC 1101


“Will Lowering the Drinking Age Solve the Problem of Binge Drinking among College Students?”

Have you ever seen how students lose control over their life just because they don’t know how to control their drinking habit? Most of the time those with binge episodes situations are young people. That brings adverse consequences, including increased risk of suffering from alcoholism or even to present pathologies in the liver. Currently both problems have become a risk that must be considered a threat to public health. Recent research has shown that college students who exceed the permitted units of alcohol more than three times in less than two weeks are 19 times more likely to develop alcoholism.

Binge drinking during College is associated with car accidents, aggressive behavior and suicide. College Students who begin to have episodes of excessive alcohol are more likely to develop such a disorder related to this, such as alcoholism and also large number of College Students who abuse of alcohol also may consume other substances. Drinking too much can result in brain damage or worse and fast alcoholism, this due to the neurotoxic effects of consuming a lot of substance and then go long without consuming it.

This is particularly interesting since the drink with the sole intention of getting drunk remains a major social problem that is prevalent in universities and the repeated episodes of drunkenness, especially at early ages are potential indicators that the risk of developing an alcohol related illness is more than latent.

Be associated with certain social groups, especially in college makes certain influences relapse in young adults and therefore its decisions on the amount of alcohol you consume should you look distorted. Students belonging to fraternities and sororities are known to drink more (like athletes), in these situations the efforts and ways to prevent alcohol abuse are well known but little practiced.


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