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Why Is It Important to Learn English at Present?

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Name: Salomé Mediavilla Course: Advanced 1

Teacher: Jonathan Álava

TOPIC: Why is it important to learn English at present? Use reasons and specific examples to support your answer.

The importance about learn a new language always it has been a good option in our lives because in this times we are living in a world very globalized where we have the chance to know about others countries in minutes and sometimes we can’t realized that the world becomes smaller every day, so it is obligate to learn another culture and as we know the base for to live and interact with others is the language and the most commercial, popular and spoken is English because it has so much influence for the United states of America also The United Kingdom that in the history has had many colonies also they are potencies and a industrialized countries, and their culture which in ever movie, song, series, program and event they have captivated us for that reason there are lots of countries in each continent that speak English.

We have to learn English in spite of it like us or not, because there are more opportunities if we know and speak it, for example we can get a better job in a company and probably get an excellent salary because the world economy have influence for the importation and exportation products, and English is an international language which is easy to understand, so it’s common to see the instructions of technology, clothes, accessories, medicines in this language but other problem is the unemployment in the most part of south American countries, so the people have to migrate to find better jobs than in their own country, also the politic problems, armed conflicts in poor countries in the middle east day by day the people seek for good life conditions and peace, this situation cause a great exchange of cultures.

English is amazing and easy to learned for many people and the other advantages that we have are incredible for example we are able to know about other culture and expand our knowledge and compare with our mother tongue even thinking in a other culture and the traditions, people, the way of living, so you can get a distinct vision of your language and the life also we can improve our skills and entertaining our brain because When dealing with complicated vocabulary and grammar your brain cells work so that your brain is trained not only to increase your memory but also to get better results on tests and exams. In addition, one study found that people who talk about the most serious suffer less diseases like Alzheimer's. And it is that there is not only there is also to train the body.

The most people that want to speak English is


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