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How We Learn Our First Language

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How we learn our first language


Along the class of Learning theories, I learned 3 theories that explains how we all acquire our L1 (first language), every theory are quite different but focus on the same topic, to acquire language. In this document I’m going to talk in which theory I am agree most. I’m going to say which one theory is the most exactly that says how we learnt. And I’ll say how I think I learnt my L1 by a theory or maybe with a combination of two theories.

I am agree with the Behaviorist theory, because this theory says that we learnt our first language by imitating, how’s that? We imitated sounds, first we receive the input, so we started to acquire the language, and then to say a word we listened and they we repeated the pronunciation of each word. And then if we couldn’t say as well the sound of the word, someone whose knows the language can corrected our mistakes to learn everything as well.

In the behaviorist theory is complete, because when we were receiving the input and our brains tried to find a way to repeat the sounds, and that’s how we learn. The environment is very important in this theory because without a rich environment we cannot be able to learn our L1, and along the years we learnt the language as we supposed to talk, to be consider as a native speaker.

In the Innatist theory, I’m completely agree how this the theory says that we learnt our L1. This theory says that we all got something in our brains that helps us along our life, is like a tool that we all got, by following some steps that specific says the way we took to learn the L1, we were born, we received input, we discovered the language, we repeat the sounds, and then we produce the language. So we also learn by our own mistakes.

And also there’s an element that will process along our life, is a necessary tool in our life, is the universal grammar. It’s very important because it something that all languages has supposed to have, even the native speakers have to knew it as well since they’re already got the language. And that is the perfect way to use that language, even if you wan to teach, you need to have the grammar of the language.

The interactions theory is not complete enough, because its name says, to interact to other speakers of your same language, but is not clear enough to learn; yes, you interact, and you share your knowledge with other person whose is learning that language exactly as you we were kids, but it doesn’t help a lot, because you just produce the language, and it’s not very useful.

By these theories, I think that I learnt by the behaviorist theory and the Innatist. First Innatist theory, because I was born with the capacity to learnt languages. And then the I started with the behaviorist theory, to repeating sounds of each


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