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Downfall of the Roaring Dragon Hotel Management - Role of Organizational Culture

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Recommendation: Enhancing employee trust

[pic 10]

Fig2: Enhancing employee trust factors

Enhancing employee trust is one of the key factors to the successful companies. In any company positive working relationship is based on trust, unfortunately the recent studies have shown that the level of trust between employees and management is at an all-time low (CIPD, 2012). Now the question arises how to enhance the employee trust. The first step in enhancing the employee trust for the employer is to foster a culture of trust. The perception of fairness of the management builds commitment, loyalty, and a sense of well-being at work (Tricoles, 2012) to the employee. The employer must conduct more face to face communications with the employee. Management needs to acknowledge employee suggestions by acting on them and letting employees know that they did so. If the employer, creates the employee recognition and reward program, set challenging but attainable goals and develop employees’ knowledge & skills through training to the employee are the some other factors leads to enhance the employee trust.

Moreover, HI should have understood the Chinese culture and in particular RDH organizational culture properly and prevail changes which took advantage over guanxi. Also, by either agreeing to Nu Fu travel quotes or negotiates with them for a better price initially.[pic 11]

Conclusion: cultural sensitivity and adaptability

One of the best example would be Roaring Dragon hotel which had a successful history but then later it had a great downfall, due to which the change of management with lack of communicational skills with its employees. Assigning new management for the hotel caused to the downfall, because of their negligence. The organizational success depends on correcting their mistakes and taking actions towards resolving them. So that we can avoid repeating those mistakes in future. The conflicts between the management and its employees are a well-known issue in any organization and needs to be rectified as soon as possible. Then any organization will be succeeded.


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