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Cosmology - Universe Paper

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the structure of our galaxy through the study of interstellar dust clouds in space. They studied the motions of stars and gas clouds, gradually uncovered the detailed structure of the galactic disk, showing us the locations and motions of the spiral arms ( Jeffery Bennet). Astronomers also discovered dark matter, which makes up most of our galaxy. This matter gives of no light and is hard to observe, but it is thought that it exists from gravitation effects. This dark matter is responsible for gravitational forces. Dark matter was discovered when scientist began looking at interstellar velocities, using wave lengths to penetrate through dust clouds we cannot see through. The orbital speed is depended on distance in the milky way, and scientist were able to discover that most of the milky way’s mass is not in the center. It proved that most of the dark matter lies beyond our galaxy and takes up much more mass than the Sun. This discovery changed some peoples views, and made people interested that there is matter out there that we cannot see. The unknown interests people, and makes they wonder what else could be out in our universe we do not know about or cannot see.

A theory of everything is a hypothetical theory of theoretical physics that fully explains and links together all known physical phenomena. Through the understands of physics and a basic cosmic structure of the universe, scientist are able to link theories together that explains everything in our universe. This theory unifies our understanding of all the fundamental physical forces in our universe. This theory aims to help people understand all of the different forces driving our universe and how they all tie together through physics and the study of our universe. It hopes to help people understand that all things are connects and that nothing came to this world by chance (Theory of Everything - Crystalinks. )


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