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Starbucks Management Paper

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Starbucks management paper







Executive summary

The best perspective of an organization is that of a system in which the management draws the design for the production system. In this regard, the management through functions such as organizing, planning, staffing, directing, controlling and motivation compile resources and creates strategies that monitor output and leads operations within the organization. Different management levels are involved in various components of the design process the upper management, in particular, is involved in the creation of the first company structure and architecture. The business design is, therefore, a function that depends on system thinking in that it identifies the moving parts of a business which bring value to the organization and further ensures that the parts work together as an efficient and effective whole (Zur, 2004). Modern businesses have less static organization designs which mean that the management is forced to actively adapt the business design to different opportunities, challenges and improvement of technology with the goal of maintaining competitive output.

With regard to a company in the business sector, the company chosen is Starbucks. The company has over the years continued to grow by constantly expanding it services to new places to gain more consumers and meet the demand. The company has attained this through innovations and maintaining high quality. Regional managers have played a key role in the business expansion by managing the local store managers. The hierarchical organization has facilitated the exercise of tight control of the managers thus ensuring that each store is able to meet given the code of quality. Furthermore, the success in attaining it aims is credited to having the right plans needed in management. All in all, Starbuck management plays a crucial role in designing the company structure and also determining ways different organization aspects interact. In addition to this, the management has contributed greatly to the company development and growth. To ensure growth, the management has made it a habit of releasing new theme for customers, efficiency through teambuilding and increasing workplace productivity. The managers have managed to do this by printing organized plans of ensuring the consumer see the products. Also, the managers constantly hire new people to ensure that all the process flow smoothly. The company is simply a good example of great management which explains the reason why it has been so successful over the years.


The Starbuck business objectives are using minimum effort to get maximum results whereby the management is concerned with thinking and using human and resources both material and financial in a way that brings about best combination which not only leads to lowering of cost but also maximizes output. Another objective is ensuring that factors of production increase efficiency whereby the management reduces the breakage, wastage, and spoilage of all kinds which saves both time and money which is important for prosperity and growth of the business. Other objectives include offering benefits to the employees which help in shaping the working conditions to better.


The company mission talks of nurturing and inspiring the human spirit with one cup for one person at a time. The Starbuck mission fails to define the organization objectives and business; it also does not explain how the company objectives will be attained.

Key to success

There is a reason why Starbuck Company went from a few coffee shops that were based locally to a multinational corporation in a span of few years. The reasons are attributed to two factors that is the personalization of its product and good management practices. Starbuck management plays a crucial role in managing its employees and developing them. Furthermore, the management offers a strategic focus which ensures that organization resources are utilized in the best way possible. Ensuring that employees operations create value for the customers this, as a result, determines the organization success to a great extent. Another key to success for Starbuck Company is good customer relation, and it does this by keeping touch with the customers and working on their feedback in order to develop the customer loyalty.

Explain the Roles, Functions, and Management Approaches to Leading

Functions of Management

Planning: this is a crucial management tool that helps the management in determining success. Managers use planning to determine the actions to take in order to accomplish success and reach the business objectives and goals. The Starbuck management team has in the past used planning procedure to create blueprints for addressing the future problems and an action plan for evading the problems (DuBrin, 2012)..

Organizing: this is another function of the management that requires them to organize their resources and have an action plan on how to use the available resources and work on projects. This means that the management is always prepared for the both foreseen and unforeseen problems through organizing the management is able to prepare for the problem as they arise.

Leadership: the management of Starbuck further realizes the importance of being able to offer good leadership to the employees and motivate them to display their full potential. The company CEO Howard Schultz inspires his employees and further creates in them an enthusiasm to put more effort in their work in order to attain the organization set goals. Good leaders are able to establish performance standards and measure such performance.

Controlling: At Starbuck, the management set standards and measures employees and organization actual performance and uses the results to take corrective action. Controlling serves the following two purposes helps in planning and facilitates coordination. This way the management is assured that it is on the right track. Moreover, controlling have aided Starbuck managers to avoid deviating the actual performance from the set standard performance


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