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Transfer Paper for Project Management Module

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(2) Project Implementation. Currently, the project is in its implementation stage (2nd year). The project is being closely monitored both by the Government team and XXX through (i) quarterly progress reports, prepared by the project team, (ii) monthly meetings between XXX, the Government, and the project team, (iii) quarterly tripartite meetings, (iv) XXX review missions (at least twice a year), (v) XXX mid-term review mission, planned for December 2014, (vi) regular updates of project performance information in the e-Operations project implementation module[2] (at least once a quarter), and (vii) quarterly assessment of the project implementation status by assigning the project performance rating (on track, potential problem, or actual problem) with the purpose to enable project managers and XXX team leaders to identify implementation problems and design effective remedial measures to get the project back on-track.

(3) Phase out. Once the project is completed, a detailed project completion report will be prepared by the project team with the purpose to learn from the experiences of the Government, executing agencies, and XXX in implementing projects, and to use the lessons to improve the performance of ongoing and future XXX-financed projects.[3]

- Are there external factors (e.g. economic, political) influencing the situation at the workplace?

The project proposal (i) identified a number of external risks, which may adversely affect achievement of the intended results and (ii) proposed the relevant mitigation measures:

- Limited sense of responsibility for personal health among the population. The risk will be mitigated through effective information (public awareness) strategies.

- Inadequate bridge and rural road maintenance due to insufficient capacity for rural infrastructure maintenance. The risk will be mitigated through capacity development of rural communities and local government officials to ensure minimum maintenance.

- Risk of flooding. The risk of flooding that could damage or destroy the bridge is relatively high in the project area; the detailed design for rehabilitation of the bridge will include measures to minimize the impact of flooding through repair or replacement of the railings, barriers, bridge decks, piers, and abutments.

In addition to the above-listed risks, I can identify a number of other factors, which may negatively affect the project implementation, namely:

- Multiple changes of the key project members throughout the project implementation period. The experience shows that low salaries of the project implementation unit’s staff (financed from the state budget) may lead to the high staff turnover within the implementing agency and loss of qualified and trained staff. This fact may negatively affect the project performance and cause delays in project implementation;

- delays in procurement and disbursement, in particular delays caused by weak knowledge and skills in the executing and implementing agencies, and, as a consequence, non-compliance with XXX’ procedures, may affect the project performance.

- poor quality and limited number of bids due to lack of adequately qualified local bidders

- How can the situation at the workplace be improved/how can success be achieved applying course content?

Upon completion of the above review, I can conclude that the current adopted project management practice in my workplace is highly satisfactory. However, the following areas for improvement can be identified: (i) providing more trainings / capacity building programs to the implementing agencies in the area of procurement, disbursement, financial management, and safeguards to ensure timely and better compliance with XXX policies and procedures; and (iii) organizing seminars for the local potential contractors and consulting companies, aimed at increasing their awareness about opportunities and requirements under XXX-financed projects.

List of Appendices:

Appendix 1: XXX.

Appendix 2: XXX



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