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Ajs 554 - Crisis Management Paper

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Security workers should be skilled in methods for managing dangers or other hostilities without letting them intensify ("Workplace Violence: Issues in Response", n.d.). Security managers should possess a current contact list for all personnel so they have the ability to transfer emergency information or any other information to employees. A list of outside emergency contacts should also be on hand for security personnel to use in case of an emergency. The security manager should remain in frequent contact with local police organizations, acquainting them with the business’s whereabouts and with evacuation and other disaster strategies ("Workplace Violence: Issues in Response", n.d.).

The aftermath of incidents in the workplace do not dissipate once the incident has finished. In fact the damage does not only pertain to the individual or individuals who have been attacked but to all of the employees. A sound workplace violence prevention program should take that into consideration. All employees will go through a healing phase after an intense event and that soothing may be easier if psychological backing is included in the companies’ crisis response plan ("Workplace Violence: Issues in Response", n.d.). Early mediation and long-term therapeutic exertions should elude a one-size-fits-all method. Everyone reacts to disaster in different ways and some may recover quicker than others. Counselors should not force their expertise on workers in ways that might emphasize their personality as targets. Instead, post disaster emotional assistance should utilize an assortment of techniques along the range of mental health care. There will also be individuals who do not desire care and this cannot be forces upon these individuals either.

Residing Abroad

When travelling or residing abroad in a host country it is very important for Americans to realize that they need to be very vigilant of their surroundings in that host country, here are some examples:

Since a rise in violence in the summer of 2015, the current murder rate in El Salvador is among the highest in the world, an annual rate of 103.1 murders per 100,000 citizens for 2015. In comparison, the U.S. rate is 4.5 per 100,000. While U.S. citizens are not singled out as targets, the pervasive violence greatly increases the chance of someone being “in the wrong place at the wrong time.” Since January 2010, 38 U.S. citizens have been murdered in El Salvador. During the same time period, 449 U.S. citizens reported having their passports stolen, while others were victims of violent crimes.

The Middle East is arguably the most dangerous destination for Americans and Westerners in general at the moment, and there are several politically unstable countries in Africa and Asia, but most other countries are relatively safe for American expats. Tragic events that occur are far less frequent than other day-to-day dangers faced at home, statistically. Although Americans living abroad rarely have to fear for their lives, they may still be confronted with political questions and may require a thick skin to deal with criticism of their government and its foreign policies. In parts of Asia I have found people to be very neutral in their opinions about the United States and Americans, but in South America and Western Europe, American expatriates may find themselves in conversations where they have to stand up to anti-American sentiments. The best defense in such a confrontation is to be well-informed, not only about the foreign policy of the United States, but also about how your host country is affected by it.

Don Hamilton, a counterterrorism expert formerly with the State Department, added these tips in an interview with CNN:

- Take taxis that are clearly identified as taxis, and avoid tour buses. "The tour bus is a big, fat, obvious target," he said. "I would think regular mass transit would be fine, but you don’t want something that says, hey, busload of Americans."

- Avoid certain clothing that could identify you as an American, Hamilton said. "Notice that Europeans, for the most part, do not wear shorts unless they’re participating in athletic activities," Hamilton said. "Very few people, other than Americans, wear sporting shoes or sneakers around when they’re out for a walk."

In many of these examples presented what Americans have to realize is that while travelling abroad in a foreign country weather the stay is short or extended they have to be extra prepared for the customs and the culture of the host country and respect them. Americans can become complacent with the idea of "Well in my country....." and the fact is that in other countries that is not the case because it could cause trouble for the citizen travelling abroad or an international incident. The best key is to look at the State Departments web site to gain valuable information of what is occurring in that host country.

Physical Security of Residence

When buying a home, the main concern is that the home can provide protection and safety for our families. In a home, we feel protected, secure, and comforted because it brings together family. Physical security of a residence is important because no matter how safe we feel in our homes, crime happens and there are people in the world that will want what you have. A private home can be protected in many ways such as fencing, cameras, alarms, monitors, or guards. The important thing to remember is that technology cannot always save your home or keep you safe. If a burglar wants to get in your home, they will find a way to enter regard of the alarm systems. The biggest down fall is human error. There are other considerations you can take to provide a safe home. According to Imminent Threat Solution (2013), “it`s important to note that most home invasions are listed by the offense, such as burglaries or assaults. This means you won`t find statistics on actual home invasions” (pg 11). Securing your home is a big deterrent for an intruder. The following areas of a home can be physically secures so your home is not easily accessible.

Identify all entry points. Locate all windows and doors to ensure that they have solid frames. A burglar can access your home through a window just by shattering the glass or removing a window pane. The objective is to decrease easy access and decrease the burglar from entering the home. Check the doors and the locks. Make sure they are functioning properly and replace if needed. Consider adding a straight bar to increase security. Consider replacing the wood frame around your door because all it takes is a crowbar or


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