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Unfortunately, cybersecurity is not yet at the core of many national and industrial technology strategies. Although cybersecurity efforts are numerous, they are eclectic and dispersed. Differences in internet penetration, technological development, private sector dynamics, government strategies, means that cybersecurity is emerging from a bottom up approach; a natural occurrence where disparities exist between nation states, public and private sectors, and across industries. In essence however, a global culture of cybersecurity can be more successfully initiated from the top down. Information sharing and cooperation are key to tackling cross-border threats. Such elements require a certain measure of organization in a multitude of disciplines: legal, technical, educational. While a particular country or a specific sector will have developed and adopted a highly effective cybersecurity framework, the knowledge is rarely shared outside of that circle.

Since 2 years ago, Singapore's nation has been attacked by cyber criminals, especially by the anonymous organization that hacked the government web pages to reveal classified information. Singapore has been making its best effort to prevent this kind of situations. The nation has innovated its most importants institutions as: The Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) the government agency responsible for planning and, policy formulation, regulation and industry development of ICT and telecoms sectors. In the last April month, Singapore has created a new agency for the government, called Cibernetic Security Agency (CSA), and also at the same time Singapore has been working with the country of Israel to implement a new investigation center, located in the country, to create new solutions to prevent cyber attacks. Also Singapore is working with The INTERPOL Global Complex for Innovation (IGCI) and the countries of France and Buenos Aires and the Kaspersky company.

The Interpol have chosen the Singapore's territory to work on a profesional police to combat and investigate the cybercrimes of the world and give security to all people. All the countries knows what is happening now, All of them are suffering aleatory attacks that affects the defense systems, economy, communications systems, transport media and the most important thing the people. Also the Krasperry company said that this kind situations could conduce us to a kind of Cybernetic war that could produce several damages, because the most part of the weapons are accesible since any part of the world, if the systems that control them are hacked, what the countries need to do? Finally Sinagpore has proposed combine efforts to establish an unique solution with a comprehensive approach that should include overall policies, legislation, education and awareness raising, capacity building, research as well as technical approaches to solve multi-dimensional challenges of fighting Cybercrime.


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